Friday, December 28, 2018

I am good and healthy

I got the phone call while dropping off artwork at the gallery.
I had to take the call in a public place....
I repeated what the Nurse said:
"clear and good, nothing present"
I folded in half with relief
the curator walked up to me and said...
that sounded like good news
I said yes, I had a test and it is clear.
What were you tested for?
I had a biopsy from my uterus, they wanted to rule out cancer.
She turned white and said she was so very glad to hear the news....
I told her it felt like I could take a deep breath.

I remember thanking her again for including me in the exhibition and I floated out of the gallery and landed in a metaphysical gift store a couple doors down where I bought my bestie a set of Animal Spirit Guide cards

Since the news I have been kind of numb and very thankful
very present 
and quieter

I enjoyed a quiet Christmas with The Barren
and then with family

I am fine, I am good, I am thankful 
and peri-menopausal

Monday, December 17, 2018

Mind is a swirl

Image result for mind swirling gif

I have only really thought about what the biopsy was looking for a couple times
and when I dealt with the REALNESS of it, I became overwhelmed.

I felt a wave of love wash over me in yoga class, 
and became quite overwhelmed with the feeling that I actually cried.... 
I was quite sweaty and so it was not noticeable.

The waiting is indeed the hardest part.
I have spent time not thinking, meditating, doing busy work and trying to not focus on my normal catastrophic thinking that I go to almost automatically.
I have been talking myself off the ledge, but reminding myself that my doctor surgeries have been successful and that there is no reason why this will not result in another good experience and a negative- you don't have cancer result.

For not thinking about it, it sure sounds like I have been thinking about it.

Ideally I should hear something tomorrow....but until then I am off to make gingerbread nuts

this recipe:



  • 3 cups Nuts (I used 1 1/2 cups Walnut Halves and 1 1/2 cups Pecan Halves)
  • 1/2 + 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 + 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground all spice
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar
  • big pinch coarse salt
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Add nuts to a large mixing bowl.
  3. In a small bowl, combine spices, sugar and coconut oil. Add to nuts and toss well until nuts are completely coated.
  4. Bake in 350 degree oven for 10-12 minutes until fragrant. Let cool before serving.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Heavily Meditated

My bestie got me this pin after my last miscarriage and 
I have worn it to ultrasounds and today's endometrial biopsy.

I spent the last two and a half weeks waiting for my appointment meditating.
I have read about the process, focused on the temporary amount of time it was 
and tried to compare/prepare for it with the pain gauge in my head.
twinge to pass out from pain

Today came and I took two pills last night meant to soften my cervix and then another this morning.
They made me quite loopy and apparently worked well enough to allow for the procedure today
and to get a sample.
I would say the process was uncomfortable with a moment or two of pointed sharp pressure deep inside me, near my diaphragm.
It was a short amount of time and when I was ready to call uncle, it was over.
Clearly pain and discomfort levels are different for everyone and I had a lot of downward pressure from my cervix softening so that added to the strange feelings.
The polka dots on the ceiling tiles were amazingly interesting when focusing on breathing
When she was done I needed to lay still for a little bit as I was a little woozy.
Nothing that didn't settle almost immediately and I was out of there.
Results expected by next week.
I am beyond thankful that today procedure was able to net a sample.

I met with my bestie yesterday to shore up my courage, and she gave me a lemon sweatshirt that is super soft and cozy. She wanted to give it to me ahead of the procedure so that: 
"I felt happy and loved"
cozy lemon slice sweatshirt, homemade vegan mac and cheeze and my emotional support kitty <3 td="">

Bestie lives over 6 hours away and has come into town to take care of her mother who had double eye surgery her plate is quite full!

Yesterdays meet up was exactly what we both needed.
Tomorrow is a new day.
I am hopeful that the spotting from the procedure will fade away 
and I will get some mojo time back and celebrate my:

Saturday, November 24, 2018

You are a wreck

Related image

So I went to the endo doctor....
I had The Barren come with me, well, because it was a male doctor and as sexist as that sounds often times when I have visited a male doctor they talk down to me unless The Barren is present.
It sucks and is sad, but true.
So I brought back-up
Also, I had MASSIVE white coat and I wanted a second set of ears to hear what my brain dropped with its high screeching sound.

I was sweating and anxious and although my clots had stopped on Monday, I was still spotting.
The doctor came into the exam room like a cowboy on a bulldozer.
Sat down in front of me with my folder and said:
"You are peri-menopausal.
that is why you are bleeding like this."
"We've met before, but you were asleep" (creepy)
He assisted on my ovarian cystectomy and stage four endo confirmation.
" yep, you are total mess, everything is just all mucked up in there."
He was trying to make light of things I think...but it came across a little like a used car salesman

He told me that when I got tired of bleeding I should consider a D&C or Uterine Ablation or both.
But first, 
" We need to do an endometrial biopsy, to confirm that you don't have uterine cancer. I don't think you do, but it is important to confirm that.
I have my nurse practitioners do them because I don't like to hurt people and they hurt. Because I have never had any children, my cervical opening is small or totally closed and they might not be able to do the biopsy, so if that is the case then they would do it with a D&C""
I saw The Barren go pale when the doctor described the process 
and I think I left my body at that moment.

He suggested that I double up on my BC pill to up the hormone and if it works then we can switch to another pill and just take them back to back.
Oh, and you can only take the pill until you are 50 so you only have a little bit of time left on that.
then you are considered Menopausal and you shouldn't be on the pill anymore.

I told him I was most afraid of having to have a hysterectomy and he told me that he had ZERO desire to do one, that he doesn't even have it on the list of options....unless uterine cancer.
That was a relief among the land mines.

He also said that caffeine or alcohol are not triggers for endo and that I should be drinking champagne whenever I want and enjoying my cup of tea in the morning.

I left the office with a biopsy appointment, with a nurse practitioner that was versed in the procedure of difficult subjects, and the lady at the front desk said she would ask if a should take some kind of medicine ahead of the procedure to help make it easier for us both...but it wasn't an anti-anxiety drug.
I left the appointment feeling like I had been run over by a mack truck!
I was dizzy and shaking and confused and so very sad.

I spoke to a pharmacist yesterday that confirmed that doubling up on the BC pill was a good option and if the spotting stopped then get a new prescription with that dose and take three 28 day packs back to back. 28 day packs have a wider range of dosages of hormone than the 91day generics I take.
I started last night and aside from some nausea this morning, I feel pretty alright and the spotting seems to be stopping too! 
I did yoga yesterday and today...that helped A LOT.

I am scared of the biopsy, but keep trying to focus on it being a 10-15 minute 
procedure and that the pain will be temporary.
The Barren is taking me to and from the appointment that day.

I am so done with this bullshit
I am done with doctors
I am done with the sadness
I am done with painful procedures
I am done with feeling so overwhelmed

but something somewhere in me won't let me totally give up and give in
I still have some dim flame of hope that this will be it, the last of it for a long spell 

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Monster

I have an appointment to see a gyno on Wednesday.
I have not stopped bleeding and throwing large clots since Tuesday. 
(it is Saturday night)
When I asked my doctors office for advice, they said:
  you are already on the pill, there is nothing more we can do.
After feeling set afloat and abandoned...
I started calling gyno offices to see who took my insurance...and booked an appointment to see someone new.

When I called on Tuesday in shock at what appeared to be another miscarriage, I was immediately dismissed and told it was impossible on the pill.
Feeling run over and emotionally hurt as well as terrified by what was happening to my body...
I requested a change in BC pill as I had been spotting since August.
It was requested and after some hunting down, I got it ordered and filled.

I am bleeding
a lot

I fear and expect that this is The Monster that has been laying in wait for all these years.
The same monster that I have managed since my surgery in 2012. 
The Monster that has been quiet until now....allowing me to be me and feel like I had some control.

I don't know what shifted back in July to start the spotting
and then the the bleeding in August
that didn't stop until the end of the month
and then the spotting to begin again in October and
here I am now entering my third week of bleeding.
I have no that makes it all the more creepy.

This Monster lulls me into thinking all is fine but, has me in the bathroom every three or so hours.
I have had to stop yoga, as I tried to practice this week and got so dizzy and nauseous that I had to stop multiple times.
The Monster makes me think am covered and then leaks out of the body and into my clothes at work.
The Monster makes me think I can do normal tasks, but then when I attempt to begin, I am unplugged and need to sleep.
I am taking iron to try and build amour to protect myself...
drinking green juices to get even more iron
but every few hours I am drained of my efforts.

I do hope this doctor can be an ally
help me save my uterus from The Monster...
until then I take my BC pills and iron supplements and hope that my shield is strong enough to protect me from collapsing.

Friday, October 26, 2018


I am not dealing with what is being dealt my way these days.
My skin for it seems very thin, or nonexistent.

 * cat has possible entropin (inward turning eyelids and it requires surgery)
he is 15 years old, and drools from stress just going to the vet.
*I am trying to deal with the newly revived PTSD from MY last vet experiences:
1. the pet food poisoning that had melamine in the food we almost lost both cats
2.  emergency surgery from ingesting a metal nut
that got stuck in his intestine and needed to be removed.
3. Same cat, showed signs of the nut experience experience again back last summer
and I was a train wreck- it was am irritated stomach.
Now, his eye has swollen and it appears that he has entropion 

*My breast ultrasound, which my insurance would not cover so I paid $150 to have the required test done showed a small cyst (the doctor said it appears to be benign)
* I am still spotting on and off since the miscarriage in August, I have been told this is normal, even though, it is still unsettling.
* my current work schedule has me upside down and not really allowing for regular studio time, so most of the free time is spent catching up on home chores (which sucks)
* I have several shows I am trying to prepare for on this limited time and now the cat, has me like a full on, should be committed basket case...I feel like I am coming apart at the seams.

Since writing this the cat has had his surgery-
waiting for the vet to call and say he survived was so stressful that my face went numb!
I didn't eat for two days

He is home now and on day two of recovery, and it appears that he is truly on the mend.
I did not sleep the first night he came home, but got some last night and he is increasing his mobility and has no signs of problems....
but the recheck is tomorrow and then another on Monday.
Until then my job is to guard his corneas and be a full time nurse and body guard.
The Barren can not take time off and I really can't either but,
 I was designated as the caregiver and so I am doing that.
I have not gone to yoga, or even left hte house as he can not be unattended. The week prior was so stressful as I was grappling with feelings and doubts and fears while giving a small puma a constant feed of eye-drops, I missed a lot of yoga then too, and instead slept my sorrow.

I am beyond thankful that this cat is as tenacious as he is and dead set to be my guy for some more time...and now that he can see, the sky is really the limit.
At the drop off, I mentioned to The Barren that all his hospital experiences have been successful and good. It was me that has been so traumatized and so at that epiphany I chose to not doom my cat....imagine the worst case scenarios or envision something wrong.
It was a REALLY long wait for an update call, but it came and we took him home soon afterwards!
He has been waking from his naps head butting me and purring and eating.
I am overwhelmed with the grace this cat possesses.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Mouth guard

shirt credit

With the combination of the election and the fire and mudslide
I was fitted with a mouth guard that I wear at night
because I am grinding my teeth at night.
So badly, I chipped a tooth.
I have been wearing it every night, but have made a point 
as of late, to wear it even more 

I am furious, I can feel it in every bone and oozing from every pore.
I have never been so ashamed to be an american.
The amount of sexism, racism, xenophobia, and blatant hate is inexcusable!
The government in place is a total embarrassment.
The old white men have had too much power and all this bullshit
has carried over into what might be a liar elected into the SCOTUS.
I watched Dr. Ford give her testimony, and I watched Brett cry and scream his.
I watched too much....
I have since turned off the news 100%

I vote and thankfully am in a state where my representatives feel the same way I do about 
Brett and women'r rights, health and immigration and take the time to answer the phones when I call in and thank them for supporting or voting against things that are brought up. 
I have had emails answered and these women do not run away from their constituents
they listen and respond.
Like responsible representatives.

That being said
after watching Dr.Ford, I experienced for the first time a true whole body trigger.
I remembered my assaults with great details.

I told The Barren for the first time, in our 26 years together, 
about the first one when I was about 8 years old.
Only my parents and my therapist(who was treating my grief from infertility) know about it, 
and they never mention it.
My father told me( at 8 years old) after hearing and seeing who did it that 
" I had an active imagination, and that this never happened"
So I buried it deep
Angry and confused as to why he chose to not believe me

I also told The Barren about another one that happened 
when I was a teenager, that no one knew about...
except me and the people involved.

He was deeply shook, and super supportive about being brave enough to tell him.
He knows about my sexual harassment incidents
 from workplaces that have happened since...

Dr.Ford made me remember
She made me strong enough to share my story 
she reminded me that these situations are not me, I am stronger and bigger than them.
They are nothing to be ashamed of
and nothing I did and nothing I need to carry responsibility for 

I think I will keep wearing my pride 
and wearing my mouth guard until this world is turned right side up again.
the future is female

Monday, September 24, 2018

Riding the waves

Handmade doll for 3yr olds birthday

So remember that baby shower I wasn't invited to and then the second baby shower I found out about on social media that I also was not invited to, because I wasn't going to show up anyways....
well, I got a half-assed invite to that same persons sons third birthday.

" hey lady, we are having a party this Friday for kiddos 3rd bday, 530pm. Hot dogs and pinata...not sure screaming kids at the end of the week are your thing but we wanted to invite you and The Barren"

I accepted immediately
I think there was some spite in my acceptance, but....whatever
I found this book at the local thrift shop and made the doll the day of the party; in between work and yoga class....the silkscreen paint was pretty darn dry by the time I wrapped it up.
Apparently the 3year olds suggestions for the soon to be little mini me is 
" poo poo head"
So I made him a baby of his own that he can torture or play with while mom 
is busy with the real one.***

The party was all hipster parents and cake and screaming kids 
and I chatted with a few people while banshees and harpies ran around us 
high on sugar and sleep deprivation.

I was proud of myself for playing it cool...
The Barren was not able to go because he was traveling and so I did it solo!

*note the ripped paper of the dressing gown
nervous twitch maybe

I also survived the yearly check up with the doctor.
I get white coat so they line the exam table with the thicker non stick paper sheets.
I get a hot flash as soon as the doctor appears and proceed to create small waterfalls of sweat all throughout the exam. I don't think I have ever gotten a manual breast exam from her where she didn't get a handful of sweat and deodorant.
She said aside from still needing to loose 3-5 pounds 
(my lord this woman uses the BMI index like an end all be all information system )
I am doing well and should keep it up
exercise as much as I can and keep up the vegan diet and stay happy

I don't have to see her for another year (ideally)
Now I just have mammogram and breast ultrasounds to finish
easy peasy

I'm dead set on just riding this last month away...
In my minds eye I am sitting in the shade
by a big body of water
tide lapping nearby
and letting it all go

letting all that shit go
*** Mom to be just texted and asked if I had any name ideas!!
I went to the first name site I could find and picked one randomly

Friday, September 07, 2018

The Debriefing

Having a miscarriage at 48 is very different than one at 36
My body reacted differently
My mind was in a different place
My heart was in a different place and settled in a new and different way.

I was numb for a long time
almost like my whole being went into a fight or flight reaction
from information long ago learned.

I postponed my yearly physical by a week, 
The Barren will be traveling during the original time 
and I didn't want to be alone when I got back home from another doctor visit.

I am done with doctors
but I understand I still need to advocate for myself,
so I still get all the required check-ins 
so I am not as rebellious as I imagine myself to be.

In the week, when the bleeding finally stopped, I went back to yoga with a gusto
and I found myself saying to myself....
" be kind to yourself, you just had a miscarriage"
I was trying to be kind, to excuse when I felt weak

I waited for the bleeding to stop to tell my parents, 
I felt a heavy weight to share it with my mother in particular.
When I did tell her, I heard myself explaining in great detail that there might not have been an embryo in this miscarriage, reassuring her I was alright and that I was responsible and had many doctors tell me that I was in no danger.
She said she was sorry that I had to experience this again...
I told her I get to experience and process loss
that is what I get to do in this lifetime.

She shared with my father what happened and he when he heard my voice on the phone,
he said:
" I am so sorry, I don't know what else to say about it"
I told him that was perfect and thank you
then he told me I was a strong woman, 
this made me almost totally collapse into a puddle.

I haven't seen them since sharing the news, that is unusual.
I called and checked in a couple of time afterwards, to make sure all were alright

I think this has highlighted a couple things for me:
I am older
I can handle loss, repeatedly 
I am stronger now because of what I have experienced in the past
I can 
I am also able to let myself grieve 

I feel in many ways it might have been a sign from my body that I have crossed the last line of fertility. Even when I thought it was past, this was the final proof of that.

I had a dream before this all began, and I had seen myself dead in photographs
Like and out of body experience of seeing myself in a dream
when I looked up the meaning on several dream dictionary sites, they all said the same thing:
"In your dream you see yourself dead, at first you may think this is about you being dead. However it’s not, this dream is about you moving forward into being a new person.
You are growing and maturing as a human being and you’re ready to move to the next phase of your life and you’re ready to leave the old you behind.
This type dream is important because it shows that you are growing and developing your spiritual side and gives you the message that you’re headed in the right direction."
I am taking some comfort in this knowledge from the greater sources

Monday, August 27, 2018

Echos and debris

****Trigger Warning****

photo credit

"internal echos and debris in the uterus"

The ultrasound tech told me that she thought it looked like I had a molar pregnancy.
I didn't know what this was and had to look it up.
There was nothing there now...
I still had blood and tissue in my endometrial lining and 
I should expect to keep spotting until my body either absorbs or expels the rest.
She use to be a midwife overseas, and specialized in high risk pregnancy

When the call came from the doctors office came 
 I was emotionally stable to listen to what they had to say.
which was: 
We don't see anything
one of your fibroids grew a millimeter
If something changes call us

The techs theory made sense to me and I am sticking with that one.
Since then, trying to resume a normal brainwave has been a struggle.
I got results from the doctor on the 23rd of last week and as the week rounded out my urethra
started to hurt/burn. So my Saturday morning I was in the walk in clinic.

I waited a good hour for the pee test, and then another half an our to be "seen"
The nurse that took me in took my vitals and asked questions.
No expression on her face.
She had me sit on the exam table behind a big curtain that she drew around me.
I sat there for another 15 minutes staring at the curtain and shaking, 
only hearing the nurse and doctor type on keyboards.
Then at one point I heard the doctor say my name, and the nurse whisper
She recently had a miscarriage...
At that point from behind the curtain I hear the doctor start to ask the question 
"how far along were you"
and appear from behind the curtain.
I told him early, I didn't even know I was, until I wasn't.
I am I still spotting.
He then said why are you here?
I told him my urethra hurt, not my bladder and I was concerned I might have the beginning of a UTI 
I had taken that urinary pain reliever stuff and aside from some minor relief it didn't do much.
He told me that my pee showed blood,  which makes sense if I am still spotting
but that there were no white blood cells...
blood is an irritant and if I hadn't been sexually active recently, that is the most likely culprit.
Did I have any back pain? I said yes
Then he took a single finger, and barely touched me
to point out to me the kidney area of my back.
Saying kidney issues are on one side only....bilateral pain it muscle.
He then swooped behind the curtain and told me he is calling in a prescription for an antibiotic to cover our bases and will culture my urine in case something didn't show on the dipstick test...
and then that was it.

No hello, so medical questions
just some pee and a finger touch

I left feeling totally numb
The Barren was with me this time and we ate something and picked up the drugs
and I went home and crawled into bed and slept for two hours.

Ideally this is the last of the complications
I can not emotionally take anything else thrown at me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Spent on the sidelines

***Trigger warning***

So I went to the doctor
I must say the level of kindness at the doctors office far exceeded my past experiences 
so there is a "good on you" sticker for them.
I was asked repeatedly if I was alright, and that they were really sorry.
I did express how even after all these years, I was able to find and access that deep sadness and numbness without any effort.
That is a shock still.

I peed in a cup
Had my temp and blood pressure taken (both elevated)
I had a pelvic exam
I was asked to recount what I had experienced over the last two weeks.
I like to give deep details in fear that something would be left out that was needed.

The nurse practitioner said she had ideas about what might be happening
I had all the signs of a miscarriage, but also unstable uterine wall
also peri-menopausal response
My fibroids or cysts or endo acting up
also she didn't know...
but felt that the longer I was on BCP the swing in hormones 
would eventually taper the bleeding.

So I went to get a blood test to check my 
HcG levels
and my iron, because I kept saying that I was really tired.
I also had an order for a pelvic ultrasound.

I was the last appointment for the blood lab before lunch break.
The lady that drew my blood was saying how hungry she was over and over again....
and then as she was taking my blood said:
" I have a really good feeling about this potential pregnancy"
I said, " well, that's good"
and told her to enjoy her lunch.
I left and drove home to fall into a puddle.

Dr's office called the following day to say I am not starting menopause
(at least via hormone levels)
I am anemic and to take a multi vitamin and eat iron rich foods
and the lab didn't run the HCG blood test for some reason...
Did I ask them not to?!

And did I still want to do that.
An additional four days had passed and I told her no, 
I didn't think anything would be left to see.

I am now about to go and have my ultrasound
I am anxious and nervous about my cysts and fibroids having changed.
I am still spotting, and I know this ultrasound tech.
She is compassionate and listens and gives me a heads up 
if I need to be concerned about something she sees.

I am off to drink my water and get probed.
Then, then I can feel unpoked for a couple weeks before my annual checkup
In the meantime I will work on feeling more connected with my body again, as I currently feel quite removed from I am watching from the sidelines.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


**Trigger warning**

photo by Mary Ellen Mark
It has been a strange cycle...
and it seems to have revealed why.
I have miscarried again.

I am quite confused and shocked
I have been bleeding since last week.
and then last night it changed and this morning it was all tissue
...lots and lots of tissue.
I have some cramping, and I feel numb.

In fact it has been so long I looked up the signs, just to see if I was imagining them. 
I have all them...textbook perfect early miscarriage.

The Barren is traveling for work, and although I want to tell him,
today is a busy one for him and he doesn't need to be worried about me.
My bestie is at work I don't need to tell her yet.
So I am here, telling you.

I didn't think I'd have another 
experience this again, and the weird numbness that goes with it
I have been on my pill for three days, but the bleeding hasn't stopped.
I hope it will taper off  now.
I will skip yoga tonight, and wait for the bleeding to ease up.
I am just going to be quiet and kind to myself.
I have studio work to do, that is not hard or vigorous.

I am okay
just stunned 
and maybe a little sad too
I think I am trying to hold it together until I can cry into a shoulder.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Summertime Rolls

I am in this photo, right there with my butt up in the air

This is the Saturday morning class I love to take...
the teacher places a COLD washcloth's on each persons face afterwards and it is a slice of heaven!

it is sometimes a struggle to get there because it ends half an hour after farmers market starts and if you are a regular farmers market goer, you know the best stuff is right when they it is a practice of letting shit go and enjoying being at class, then enjoying the pace of the market when I arrive afterwards. I am also not one of those ladies that 
loves to wear her yoga clothes to do errands and stuff...
so the looks from the farmers while I try and hide a camel toe or my body odor is something too.
I pretend to be blissfully unaware of the stares...

The summer is passing and it seems that the activity I am most often partaking in is sweating...
sweat overnight, wake up and go to yoga and sweat, come home shower and try to not sweat (unsuccessful at that still) then sweat while cooking dinner and cleaning up, evening shower
 and repeat
it probably doesn't help that most of my state is on fire and there has been heat wave after heat I am not sure if this is a peri-menopausal thing or simply summer.
I am gonna say it is summer because the other option sux!

We have watched friends go on vacations, kids go to summer camp,
and we have even been host to a couple visitors.
Alas, we have not escaped.

I was told that my work was taking a few days off to spend time with family and I got very excited at the idea of not having to commute for a while week...but they shortened the vaca and it fell on the days I am normally not there so no real vacation for me.

I am doing my best to make it productive none the less
but...I got my period and now I am either sweat sleeping or trying to not eat everything in the house.
Happy summer vacation!

 I am still trying....I canceled yoga for myself this week...
it is good to rest every now and then...and I think I need it, plus if I am sweating all day and my uterus is a battleground why not sit back and watch the show.
I don't need to prove to myself that I can still do my thing...
my newly built muscles are not going to disappear overnight.
It will all be alright.

It is summertime, eat some watermelon...
sleep a little later when you can, go for a drive somewhere
collect a few interesting things to remember this time, take some photos.
I mean isn't that what Summer Vacation use to be?!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


You are not invited, but only because I know you wouldn't come anyways...
I tried to keep it classy and a little sassy.

Thinking Disco Dancing Thoughts to keep bullshit like this at bay

Image result for disco dancing gif

Monday, July 23, 2018

And the winner is.....


I spent a half an hour crying and laughing before I could even call The Barren at work.
All I did was take a photo of my computer screen and send it to him....
My hands were shaking, I was not able to speak....
The cats freaked out thinking I was in pain or something.

I am still quite in shock and working very hard on sharing this award with pride 
and I keep telling myself that it is not arrogant.
I worked very hard for this and my work was recognized by a panel of professional peers
and I got some money too!
I won the creative process award, perfectly suited for what I submitted.

The magic of disco lifted and kept my mood elevated most of the day and when I finally found the information it was a HUGE shock and wonderful moment.

The Barren says I need to sit and stew in and love the feeling and like Elmer J Fudd, repeat my well earned and happy mantra:

"I am an internationally awarded artist"

Friday, July 20, 2018


I was dancing to this song this morning after yoga
I now declare it on my personal theme song list!


So I entered and was selected in the top 11 of a BIG art competition...
there were over 260 entries from over 48 countries and my work made the top 11!

From this amazing small group, there will be 3 awards (two of which are cash)
and this award is being announced in the next hour!
I am not at this award ceremony as I live 1000's of miles away and it was not something I could swing both in time and money.
So I sit and wait for an email or a social media announcement....
wait and wait

and wait
and distract myself

I was so anxious yesterday after seeing the first images from the exhibition that I bought a vintage dress....I have a problem with that...I get SUPER anxious and in an effort to self sooth I put something on my credit card that I think will make me feel better.
Sometimes it is going to the plant nursery and getting too many plants for our small home. Sometimes it is vintage dresses...that I adore and wear.

*** talk about kiddos***

Last week we hosted our nephew...he is 10
and between you and me I am closest with him, over the other two nephews and two nieces.
He is a middle kid and so The Barren and I have made an effort to make sure he get one on one time.
Away from the chaos of his sisters and family.
This last time we played music and sang along to Queen and RUSH songs.
He wanted to learn how to play D&D because his uncle played the game and he wanted to play with him....I think this made The Barren melt and feel so very loved by his nephew.
He refereed to me as the "snuggle Auntie"
A Dream come true! and quite frankly, a personal goal.

We watched super hero movies, played at the pool, and the top of the mini vacation sundae was him diving deep into a Calvin and Hobbs comic book I got for him a few years ago 
that is now a perfect fit!

I think this waiting game is old school
I think we are so well trained in the art of waiting...
wait for your period
wait for results
wait for the egg
wait for doctor to show up
wait on your vacation
wait to see

This is all good mind you...I am happy about this wait
I submitted my best version of my work
I am in the top 11
I am exhibiting internationally
I am excited
and scared
and ready for an answer 💓

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Brain Vomit

Prom 1986- nope

This was a look for an art get together...I realized afterwards that I looked ready for prom...
or jr prom or sadie hawkins dance or something like that
I am dating myself now....

I have found myself in a slump or sadness
I am not sure which one yet.
I am taking care of myself and working and doing my practice 5 times a week, which I know is connected to my mental health and my ability to sort shit out.
It has become painfully obvious the lack of friends nearby to chat with or have a cuppa caffeine with.
I thought I was making progress at the studio, but being summer, people take off for vacations and often take a while to return to their practice. So I just keep going and looking like a dork or teacher taking their classes at the same time every week....I like ritual okay

I also am taking a sound therapy class, which helps me see and sort out art ideas.
It seems super granola, and hippie kid but for me it works.
I see colors and can think through ideas while I sit still for an hour and the teacher simply makes all sorts of sounds....simple but for me effective!

I hit my 5 year milestone as a vegan and yoga practicier
that seems strange too...
I am stronger than I have ever been, and although I will never be a string bean I am happy and thankful for what this Stage 4 Endo body CAN do.
I am often screaming in my head when a back bend happens or some level of flexibility is achieved. The teachers say to let go of ego and not focus on what you can or can not do...but DAMN I can do stuff I never thought I'd be able to, and someday in the future I will be able to do EVEN MORE than I imagined or dreamt. I am keeping that part of my ego and shaky self confidence.

Okay I am rambling....
brain vomit, sorry.

I have been thinking about all the new babies about to enter this world and it doesn't make me bitter or really fact, I have noticed that I have made a clearly defined line for myself about what I will and will not participate in. Moderate how I react to the sight of a pregnant woman and or a newborn. 
I do still want to hold a baby...but not in front of people so that will not happen....
Yeah I would like to hold your baby but not while you watch or around any of you....shhahhahah
If that doesn't sound dastardly I don't know what does.

I am staying away from news....there is a lot of troll talk about not feeling anything about whats happening unless you are a mom or a parent or a breastfeeder...
Mind you, I am still engaged and writing letters of protest and all that responsibility, but not watching the stories unfold anymore...I would eventually like to not wear my bite-plate to bed!

The world around us here in the states seems to have become a disconnected hose with the water on full blast and just flaying about spraying everyone down and not giving two shits. I am working on managing anger and trying to not get exhausted from the constant need to speed dial my senators and congress people encouraging them to continue to act sane and speak up.
Empathy, sympathy and common sense is something to fight for, daily
There are a lot of people being killed for no reason
a lot of people in pain
a lot of suffering
a lot of hurt
I am reminded that simple things are beautiful and that how I choose to react matters and can teach others, even when you think no one is watching.
I am making choices every day to act kindly, speak kindly, and think kind words in my self talk.

I am also eating more vegan sweets and napping
....that seems to be helping too 💙

Sunday, July 01, 2018


*** talking about pregnancy ***

A dear woman whom I have known for years just announced that she was pregnant. She waited until she was 5 months along before making a photo thing on social media.

This dear woman has been through the gamut of things to get here and it is really no small feat.
I first was introduced to her through another woman who asked me if my stomach was swollen from my cysts or fibroids...
The new mom to be had a large fibroid eventually removed and then for years later battled earth shattering pain with every period and post every surgery.
She got a really fantastic job, got engaged and bought a home...all while trying time and time again, almost every treatment under the sun to get pregnant....
today was the announcement that she is indeed carrying a child.
I read the news this morning and was happy for her.
Like she made the swim across the crocodile infested waters and crawled up the shore on the other side bruised and battered but successful! 
If the mantra for motherhood is that you need to have
" Sacrificed yourself, via pain and determination and drive. 
this woman  has checked all those " she deserves" to be a mother boxes.

I know this was all she wanted and will be amazing at tackling all the new unknowns coming her way with grace and humor.

While eating breakfast with The Barren this morning I told him, that it is becoming a testament to who can afford the trials gets the kid. The industry has boomed since we were trying and although we opted to not invite the "making " of a child, it appears that that is what is needed in all these newest cases; or that is what we are given the impression.
When the doctor finally confirmed my endo, she said that we would need A LOT of help to get pregnant if we still were considering that route.
We had come to terms with where our line was long ago, 
but I am not going to lie and say that that quiet little voice did not whisper into my ear this morning
  " maybe if you had...., if you would have...."

I am glad I made extra baby gifts when preparing last weeks shower delivery.
I don't need to spend the day making more things...they are made and simply need to be packed up and mailed off.

I also said to The Barren this morning:
" I am no longer there any more, I am not sure I could fair the battle again. I mean how many times do you have to be kicked before you decide you don't like being kicked?!"
The Barren responded "once"
I simply smiled and said , well if you are lucky you realize that... it took me a bit longer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Shower Time

Get this card HERE

It seems Spring sprung and all group of gals is pregnant with babies.

I was invited to a baby shower, for a pregnant family member. 
My first personal thoughts while smiling about the news was:
" oh gosh I hope they don't invite me to the shower" 

I was indeed invited as was my mother and SIL
I spoke to my crying mother on the phone about the invitation 
and asked her what she was crying about?!
( It has been almost a decade since we realized that we were not getting a baby this time around)

She said, "I don't think I can go, 
I mean it was suppose to be you! I am so sad that you never got to do any of this...."
I was really surprised, I mean this came out of left field for me!
I told her that maybe we could go together and leave before they opened gifts...
She told me she was concerned about the silly games...
I told her we would go to celebrate a the family that was becoming a new Aunt and Grandma
...wasn't that exciting?
She said she would think about it.

I then texted my cousin who was one of the hosts and said:
" I am trying to get an answer outta my mom, baby showers are hard for us- so I am trying to get my mom to come for a little bit but most likely we'd leave before gifts, sorry for the delay in responding"

Typing her made my heart beat hard; surprisingly, I felt slightly ashamed and embarrassed at being to emotional.

She wrote back super fast:
"totally understandable and seriously no worries at all if you decide to pass. Most important was just that you know we love you and you are invited, and NO REASON at all to apologize, even in the least bit.
Our mom to be is not a big fan pf attention, so the whole thing is a little strange for her. No pressure, she will not feel any less supported or loved if you choose to skip it"

I called to tell my mom that we had time to make up our minds about where to set limits....
she told me she already said she'd go.
I am still glad I totally put myself out there and owned my reality

That night while feeling confused and spun, The Barren told me he was going to play a benefit concert and was only allowed 1 person to go and see him.
It was on the same day.
I RSVP'd that night that I was not going.

Now I am left with finishing the baby gifts to deliver ahead of the shower
....all handmade
because I am that person.

Friday, May 04, 2018

Mothering myself

With Mother's Day around the corner here in the US, I am on guard.
I am occupying myself with other busy work and distractions....
but I found myself alone and in front of the mothers day cards the other day while running errands. 

I suddenly felt myself OK making this a safe place for me, alone in the middle of the day on the card aisle staring at what appeared to be a football field long row of cards. 
Thankfully I am OK reading them when there isn't someone breathing over my shoulder 
or reaching for other cards from each of my sides.
I call that progress....

FYI, I also do this task now, a couple weeks ahead of the that I feel as though I stumbled on idea of getting cards for my SIL and mom, without the pressure build up of this day.
Like, oh yeah, I need dish soap, thank goodness I passed it here in the store to remind myself...
kind of stumbled...I guess my version of nonchalant

My mood was lifted when I found this perfect card
It broke my serious mood
It broke my melancholy mood
It made me laugh at the perfect balance of sarcasm and candor:

ignore my punk rock nail polish and bath in the glory of this card 😊

I ended up with a different sarcastic card for my mom...but this one holds my heart.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Goals and Birthdays

vanilla cake, lime coconut frosting vegan birthday cupcakes

I am not sure why, but I seem to always be SUPER emotional and goal oriented around my birthday.
I had set a goal for myself last year and when I didn't met it I was disappointed 
but kept moving towards it.
 It is something I have wanted to be able to do for longer than I can remember...
It represents a symbol of strength to me...
It is pretty badass
It is something most people can do with almost no effort

What is it?
A pushup

I have never been able to do one
I want to be able to do one, and not a "girl" push-up
but a kick-ass real deal push-up

I have been working on it for a LONG time... 
and I am proud to report I did it in front of The Barren on the eve of my 
48th birthday, Tuesday night.
The Barren cried he was so happy for me (heart swelling)

I am also of the camp that if it is not documented it didn't really happen
and being a visual person, I needed to photograph it
so I did:

Elbows in against my ribs
down to a 90* bend 
ass up, knees off the floor
legitimate push-up folks!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Sitting and thinking

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently.

Some days it manifests as napping, or seated meditation or wall staring. 
Regardless of its form, I have been doing a lot of reflecting.

I think my rant (previous post) got under my skin...
and seeing it there made me realize I was upset over things that I really don't have space for.
Nor, do I want to have space for...

As I have been aging away from baby-making years, 
I find that the first few years (10 or so) were beyond comprehension painful.
I found depths of sadness I never knew existed.
I almost slipped forever into those places, never to return.
I will never forget those times, although they are years away, they are very close still.

I am thankful for that minuscule/tiny spark in me that said to keep fighting...
keep being a badass, a noisemaker, a warrior.

As I am much farther down that path, 
I am thankful for my bodies ability to heal and recover 
and find new ways to make me fall in love with it again.

I can be okay with turning away from the baby oogling and cooing.
I am okay smiling at toddlers as they give me deer in headlight stares from shopping carts.
I am okay not being Okay with something one day and totally fine with it another.
I am giving myself permission to listen if I want and 
walk away if it don't feel connected with talk of children. 

This last month was endometriosis awareness month
and there was a big campaign on Instagram about it...
people declaring they were or someone they cared about was 1 in 10
people dealing with Endo.
One of the questions asked of the community was:
What gift has your Endo diagnosis given you?
I engaged and said:
 That after my stage 4 diagnosis, I was freed of guilt.
I realized that my infertility reflected nothing I had done wrong. 
I had done nothing wrong

I am practicing in a new yoga studio these days and have pumped up my practice to daily. 
This new studio is closer to home and has a lot of different kinds of classes.
One I take twice a week has been teaching me real meditation skills and I have already found them to be reflecting in my daily routines.*

This last weekend I spent two days cooking for Passover.
I made everything from scratch and we hosted my parents, a new tradition for us.
*The Barren mentioned that I was quite calm, and not frantic like I normally am.

We started this tradition because my mother would be working her tail off of days and when the family came for dinner she never sat and enjoyed the meal herself...for like 45+ years! 
so I make her meal and she and my father sit and enjoy the meal without chaos and distractions and have conversations with us.

This year, I did all the cooking and served a super homemade meal...
My father was not impressed
He didn't like most of what I made and told me so.

*I listened and heard him and sat in those critiques

After they left, I quietly washed dishes and sat down.
I overslept the alarm for class the next morning....
When I was finally awake, The Barren asked if I was alright...
I had been standing for the last two days, and it made sense that I was tired.

I told him I felt hurt that my efforts to impress my father made no difference to my father....
but I understood that I was seeking validation for something I wanted to do.
He not liking the food was his thing.
*Me feeling hurt that he didn't like the food was mine;
I needed to focus on the fact that I enjoyed making the food, 
and thinking of family that had made it before me.
I had no space or desire for the negative places I went

I was more aware of myself now  

I am becoming more aware of who I am now...
and for that I am thankful