Sunday, May 11, 2014


this lady is hysterical, watch some of her videos and laugh!
she is crass and funny and real!

Ok, so I dropped off the art this morning, making all my deadlines
pat on the back
and I wanted to treat myself to the chai I had mentioned before...but you see it was now
close to 11:30 am and EVERY single place was FILLED with brunchers...moms and brunchers.
I ended up going to a little coffeeshop I like that is filled with hippies, and today, 
NOT filled with brunchers and moms and babies and doting kids.
I got the caffeine, skipped the sweets and headed home to make a sandwich.
While making this sandwich, the Barren was working and had headphones on....I was about to settle into some crappy TV to take my mind off the business from this morning and just zone out.

I got a read:
" I just had a strong feeling to wish you a happy mother's day. 
I know you don't have any kids, 
but I really feel like you have inspired many people
in your life through your art and your joyous spirit. 
By you just being you, you have raised up creative gifts, creative thinking, hope and joy in others. So for that, happy mothers day The Barreness!!!!!"

It knocked the wind out of me, I just about fell to the floor reading this.
My eyes swelled with tears and I could barely catch my breath.
This message was from a neighbor who I always say hello to, but have only gotten to visit with once.
We are friends on social media but really don't exchange much back and forth.
Hence the total shock 

I wrote back telling her that I was so deeply moved to tears by her loving gesture....
I was without words other than thank you.

I am still in kind of a daze...
a euphoric daze


I called my mom and asked her what she wanted to do for Sunday.
 I offered up a meal or some time shopping or whatever she wanted. 
I told her it was her day and she called the shots.
After a lot of hemming and um mm-ing...she said, "lets have oatmeal on Monday before work".
I was kind of disappointed, but curious why she chose that.
She is going to the movies with my father and will most likely see something HE wants to see and sit quietly through the whole event. Maybe get a big popcorn or red vines.
My mother has in the past, chosen to let me retreat on this day. She has respected my grief and discomfort and allowed me to pamper her for the day or asked that I pamper myself...or understood why I hid.
This year I seem still, quite OK.
(Aside from the market yesterday, where THANK GOODNESS the checker greeted the woman behind me with Happy Mothers Day, he was just a "hey how ya doing" for us...whew....I told the Barren that I felt quite relieved by not having that as our greeting.)
Feeling like this year was way too quiet, 
I kept prodding her and she said....well, that is what I really want.
I said OK, oatmeal it is then.

So today, I will be driving artwork to a drop-off site, picking up some caffeine along the way (as a treat to myself) and watching the Barren blow his nose....he caught a cold.
I sent out a few cards...and will send a few text messages...but it seems like any other Sunday to me.
but I haven't left the house yet....