Friday, May 04, 2018

Mothering myself

With Mother's Day around the corner here in the US, I am on guard.
I am occupying myself with other busy work and distractions....
but I found myself alone and in front of the mothers day cards the other day while running errands. 

I suddenly felt myself OK making this a safe place for me, alone in the middle of the day on the card aisle staring at what appeared to be a football field long row of cards. 
Thankfully I am OK reading them when there isn't someone breathing over my shoulder 
or reaching for other cards from each of my sides.
I call that progress....

FYI, I also do this task now, a couple weeks ahead of the that I feel as though I stumbled on idea of getting cards for my SIL and mom, without the pressure build up of this day.
Like, oh yeah, I need dish soap, thank goodness I passed it here in the store to remind myself...
kind of stumbled...I guess my version of nonchalant

My mood was lifted when I found this perfect card
It broke my serious mood
It broke my melancholy mood
It made me laugh at the perfect balance of sarcasm and candor:

ignore my punk rock nail polish and bath in the glory of this card 😊

I ended up with a different sarcastic card for my mom...but this one holds my heart.