Thursday, April 07, 2016

Day Three

My bestie got a residency here and is going to be gone for almost a month.....
out of range and texting and distractions.
I am thrilled for her, and I know she will excel with the time away from family responsibilities and work drama. She needs this time, her artwork needs this time.

It is only day three,
 and I am finding myself and the inability to connect with her at any time challenging.
We normally text each other everyday
I spoke with her the night before she left and wished her well and told her to have a super fun time!
Inside I was crying, and it felt like when we were headed to different colleges.
I will miss her greatly, but can not wait to see what she makes while away.

The Barren took me into the big city to see an exhibition I had been dreaming of seeing since I was a was a good distraction and inspiring and offered some real time with him.
Such beautiful, moving work

I was reminded of my own darkroom practice, 
my desire to make images that move, confuse, and connect with people.
I cried a few times viewing the work.
Not only remembering my own days gone by, 
but seeing this brilliant artist disappear before my eyes in his self portraits.
Mortality and disease

We ate a lot on our day out and away, 
I even indulged in some vegan "junk food"
eating a mac n cheeze pizza!
it did have broccoli on it, in my defense

The following day was spent on site with a project I am the photographer for.
We were out in the hills and outside all day.
I almost stepped on a snake
picture of snake "walking away" from me and my foot

I have since been editing and distracted until I am floating.
I will work on art for the next few days. The Barren has been working way too many hours, both at work and working at home. He is stressed and it appears that tickets we had to secure almost three months ago will go unused for another weekend getaway, as his work clients are a big drama queen.

With his extended hours and my desire to maintain a studio practice and my second job schedule and early yoga classes, we are now not often able to spend time together until the best.
Our schedules are almost opposite of one another.

I got a text from him this morning:
" at work...feeling a bit sad and lonely. : (
hope you are doing OK"

I was nearby and offered to swing by for a hug and a kiss and a cuddle,
but he was in between meetings and couldn't break away, even for a moment.

I am thankful that we still check in with each other.
Relationships take work, everyday.
I never take that for granted, and neither does he.
I make dinner every night for us, making sure that there is always a homemade meal 
at the end of a pressure ridden day. 
Something made with care.
We see each other at this time and shortly there after I am off to bed 
and he is still too wound up to sleep.
So we meet on the weekends.

My relationships super sucks right now, 
but I an hopeful and know that many aspects are temporary.