Wednesday, July 27, 2016

It is all fun and games...

It is all fun and games until your doctor says:
multiple times in a visit.

Time is marching on and I am apparently aging, regardless of my 
inability to believe it.

Tired at mid-day= besides waking up at 4am daily...
you are gonna find that it takes longer to recover.
Periods acting weird, even on a BCP= you are 46, we are seeing signs of perimenopause
night sweats= perimenopause
pissed off at what I am saying= perimenopausal
That spot I need to burn off your face= stupid things you did as a teenager, now you will pay for it!

They say aging is a gift, I understand that 
I believe that
I am thankful for still being able to walk this earth...

Aging, the process is a mystery and many facets are mysterious
I need to corner people and ask questions...
I need information!

Apparently, even though I feel like an awkward 17year old on the inside
I am still a 46 year old on the outside



nicole said...

Ah the joys!! I feel you on this.

I'm glad you are still a 17 yr old to yourself though! This is just an annoying part of the being alive process I think and not the most fun one. But, I hope your side effects/symptoms of perimenopause are not too bad.

If you ever need to vent though, I'm available! I'm well aware of how unfun this part is.

Anonymous said...

I had been battling with pretty bad peri symptoms for over two years (am now 44), with countless visits to doctors and gynes who would do nothing more than offer me the BCP, which as you say, doesn't help all that much. Finally, by chance I took two packets back to back a couple of months ago and I'm a changed person. Even in that pill free week, I'm almost symptom free. I guess it just keeps my hormones at a critical level. Why all those great medical brains couldn't have come up with this themselves is beyond me, but still.... when I told my doctor, he said that three packets back to back is also fine (but no more). Of course, the timing could just be coincidental - maybe my symptoms have reduced because I'm post menopausal now, one doesn't know being on the pill, but anyway, thought I'd mention it just in case it might help you or someone else. I'm definitely not a fan of this ageing lark.

Best wishes,


Amel said...

ACK!!! I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'm suspecting that I'm starting to go down that road myself. (((HUGS))) I hope your symptoms won't be too awful.

Mali said...

Peri-menopause sucks! My doctor has started asking me when I might think about coming off HRT - not yet, has been my answer recently!

Ageing does too, but the alternative isn't very palatable. I think I feel older than 17, but I certainly don't feel anything like a middle-aged woman!