Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Beer and Cowgirl boots

It is that time of year again.
Check in on my uterus and ovaries, 
make sure they don't have any new hitchhikers.

I travel to a nearby town to check into the local hospital to 
have my pelvic ultrasounds.
I have found a great tech, that tells me what she sees before I get my results.
I take her observations as a no need to panic foreshadowing.
I spent too many years worrying after the exam whilst waiting for results.
So I found a person who will tell me if she see changes or give me a heads up.
She is awesome that way and has a similar fibroid and cyst situation.
We are in a sisterhood like that.
She offers respect and compassion that I seek on this crazy reproductive journey.

Today she told me a story of a client that came in last week for a pelvic ultrasound:

A woman came in kind of drunk she said....
she was wearing a skirt and cowgirl boots.
She told the tech that she was a little drunk that she choose to drink some beers 
for her 30oz of clear fluid to prep for the pelvic ultrasound.
(I giggled and wondered why I never had thought of that, that makes for a personal party out of a sucky medical exam.)
After the external ultrasound, she emptied her bladder and hoped back onto the exam table in a hospital gown and her boots.
The tech thought, OK I guess this is how she rolls.
As she was performing the internal portion of the exam she proclaims to the tech:
"you know my husband always wants me to keep my boots on, and I always say no....
 But for you I kept them on! "

Ahhhh the clarity of alcohol
and a vaginal probe

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Mali said...

Oh, this is comic genius! I bet you had a giggle, and glad it was able to lighten what is always an unpleasant procedure, however many times we have to do it.