Saturday, December 16, 2017

Day 13

my grandmother always said if you feel blue, put on a bright color
She never had to accessorize with a smoke filtering mask
I am currently stress eating popcorn, and sipping CBD tea to stay calm.

We are out of the fires path, and our home is still sealed from outside smoke as the  air purifiers run 24 hours a day.
The air quality will continue to be an issue until we get rain...
which there is no sign of through the month.

This morning the phones started to explode again, this time it is north front; 
where my parents and The Barrens mother lives.
40+ miles from our home.

The police and fire have closed the one freeway that is open to all traffic that is not evacuating.
We have no way to get to my parents or brother and family. 
The Barren has no way to get to his mother.

We are trapped again in a different way.

The Barrens mother would be evacuated first and my parents after that...
this fire has continued to grow to the east and west of us.
Active fire on both sides.
The community to the north of us just had their orders lifted the other day.

A family member from another part of the country asked:
" What does it feel like there? I imagine people are pulling together to help each other, but it must be exhausting"
My response was:
Our town feels sad, the the community has totally come together with pop up relief centers for food water and clothing. The same for the nearby communities.
The community up the coast is ground zero today. The streets are quiet with most people evacuating or packing to prepare to leave at a moments notice. There is also active fire to the East, which is mostly farms and agriculture, so a lot of activity there to get food off the vine and save farms."

I spoke with the few farmers at the outdoor market this morning, and was told again that the field workers were not offered masks to protect themselves from the smoke and ash as they work outside. A friend of of a friend was trying to distribute masks the other day and was kicked out. 
This continues to break my heart and I have been carrying extra masks with me to offer to people I encounter...the homeless community has also been effected deeply in these communites.
We have to look out for those who are overlooked.

Please be extra kind to someone today...


Mali said...

Good grief. I'm thinking of you and yours, and of those who have no-one looking out for them.

Infertile Phoenix said...

I am so sorry. How incredibly stressful! Thank you for sharing your experience so that the rest of us knows what it is like. You are in my thoughts! I wish that was more helpful than it is... Thinking of you. <3