Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Remembering Death and Life Lived

I had been wanting to go to an event in a nearby major city for several years now, but never had the right timing or drive. So when a buddy called and said she'd drive and wanted to go right after they opened I cleared my schedule and said I'll buy your ticket!
It turned out to be just what I needed and 
aside from a set of scabs from my new sandals it was a great day!

The Dia de Los Muertos festival takes over whole sections of the cemetery 
it is a mix of altars and memorial structures and vendors selling all things related to the holiday.
There are face painters and food vendors too.
Live music, native dancers and people
AMAZING people watching!!

I celebrate this holiday, as it is the anniversary of The Barren and I getting married.
We purposely chose this day, as it is when the veil is the thinnest between the two worlds 
( the living and the dead)
so we knew that anyone of our loved ones could attend the wedding if they choose to.
It is also around the same time as the first of our miscarriages.
So I feel like our babies can feel our love the most around now.
It is a good cathartic way to celebrate, remember and mourn loved ones.
It is all in the spirit of love
and who could not love that !

I took my camera and the below are some of the fun results

Girlfriends all dressed for the day
(everyone was willing to have their photo taken, no one said no)

Jaguar dancer looking at some of the altars
crazy face painting!

Some famous cool dudes are buried here

LOVED her headpiece,
it sparkled and was amazing dancing with the light

Cat memorial in the wall of marigolds
this broke my heart and had me close to tears
I was glad The Barren was home with our lovelies

A Frida Kahlo sculpture complete
with a reproduction of her chest cast and lost baby.
I wanted to take this home.

Your favorite leaf eater
with one of the many paper mache sculptures
it was 90* (32c) , hence the sleeveless top

I took away a lot of ideas for our personal altar this year.
I was able to be quiet most of the day and just look, which was a gift beyond words.
I have a couple friends that understand quiet doesn't mean that I don't want to talk to you, but instead I am talking so much to myself I can't bear to say words aloud.

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Mali said...

Beautiful, peaceful, thoughtful - even with all the vibrant, fun photos.