Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Reflections on a birthday

I got super emotional in the two days before my birthday. 
Someone texted me asking if I was really excited about my upcoming birthday and I responded with: "I'm in flux, in the middle of some kind of personal change, so I'm emotional and panicky"
Do you ever get that way?

My mom came over the next day, we spent time together just going to thrift shops and chatting.
 It was what I was looking for. 
A day of no real commitments and let my brain run loose.
I was having a REALLY hard time deciding what I wanted to do on the actual day. It seemed to really peeve The Barren and my parents, who clearly wanted some guidance on the matter.
I just was too spun mentally...but wanted to make a decision about it.
I even got a rejection letter that day and it left me un-phased
My black and white cat served as a therapy cat for her, she recently lost her beloved male cat and finds spending time with mine comforting. 
My kitty is glad to oblige, especially when brushing is involved:

She was still hanging out when I decided I would make my own birthday cake.

On my actual birthday, I made myself a crazy vegan cake, 
and invited nearby friends to come and share in the sugar!

recipe here

Vanilla cake (I added orange zest) and vanilla frosting

My bestie sent me a little love package and it made me laugh!

Copper colored wooden clogs!
with a divot for my big toe
Fancy Smancy

I put on a fancy new dress I got just for my birthday, 

and greeted peeps as they arrived.
Everyone got cake and ice cream 
My parents parked themselves on the couch and didn't move for 5 hours!
It was strange at times, and quiet and I reminded me of a proper Victorian sitting room where everyone sits in their own chairs and has conversations in a circle...each waiting for their turn.

very proper...

When the friends fanned out, my brother arrived with his wife and kids and we all left for a restaurant that could seat 9 was outdoors and I got to watch the sunset display beautiful colors between the clouds and sky.
My nephew then provided dinner entertainment as he is just barely aware of the power of appendages and spilled the first two glasses of lemonade that were brought to the table.
Later in the evening while explaining something else, he knocked over 6 glasses at one time soaking his baby sister at the end of the table in ice cubes and ice tea.
This second act, had me laughing so hard...the best part was that he said:
"wow that was almost like dominoes"
I agreed and continued to laugh
I think I was the only one that saw the humor in his loosey goosey arms...
He took out well made plans, 
He upset the order of things
and left me laughing
I loved it!

Life is like that.


Mali said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, filled with friends, family, love and laughter. Happy Birthday!

nicole said...

Sounds like a fabulous. Happy Belated - I'm glad to hear you celebrated your awesome self!