Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Ignore the woman crying about cheese

NOT my only wish....
OK so firstly, I am not gonna mince words here:
I am sad about food right now.
I am a foodie, and this last bit of veganism is hard and heartbreaking.
this past weekend was a long one for many in the US, it was labor day 
this is my favorite visual to go with that day of thanks:

I live in an agriculture center, and so daily I am reminded of the many that are laboring much harder than me for the food that I eat. I made sure to point out to my niece and nephew what food is grown where, so when they pass those fields, they recognize it as food and become conscience of the people working so hard to bring it to our tummies.

That being said, when the Barren and I were thinking about what to make, BBQ and snack on this weekend, the Barren suggested a caprese of my favorites and it makes sense to suggest it as it was a go-to for SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long.
Except, this time when he mentioned it I began to cry; a sad silly cry...and then I became him for no reason and then suggested we just go home and I would eat the drywall instead.
I was possessed by a bitter, self-loathing demon, who wanted me to feel as horrible as possible about holding true to my health concerns and desire for self-preservation.
Thank goodness the Barren recognized this and simply let it all play out and then when I resurfaced and apologized for it, we went to the store for BBQ fixings.
He in his wonderful way, ended up putting soft cheese into the basket for himself...but did it with puppy-dog eyes of "I'm so sorry I am putting this in the basket, I know it haunts you"
We got home and when it was time to fix dinner he realized he got the wrong type of cheese for a salad and told me " I got the wrong kind" I said you got burrata huh?, it is creamy and super soft and delicious on toasted bread with tomato and basil...
He smirked and I just smiled and sighed.

I am having a hard time with this last stretch of vegan; dinner out is hard, dinner in is a constant dance of what to make, prepare and plan for. I'm exhausted from chopping veggies and reading recipes.
After a long day, it would awesome to have an option to just pick up dinner on the way home...but there is no real way to do that, and to add insult to injury, I have a soy sensitivity, so tofu or soy products are a no go for me... by sensitivity I will weigh the pros and cons of how intense a hot flash will be if I eat this or that.
So I am often eating soba noodles with veggies or a microwaved yam with peas and walnuts.

When my parents asked if we could do dinner together last night, as the Barren was working late, I just about burst into tears again...but instead said : I would love to but food right now is really complex and once I figure it out we will..I just have to work on it a little longer.
I have been trying the mantra: it is just food, you are fed the rest is decoration.

I went to an art opening last night and when three girlfriends asked if I would like to join them for dinner, I was ready to say thanks but no thanks...but it turns out they wanted to try a new VEGAN restaurant in town....I felt self conscience thinking they were suggesting it as they knew I was now vegan....but it turns out the place also serves gluten free which two of the three were sensitive to! 
We were a group of special food needs people, it was my tribe of particulars!

We all had a dinner together, I was able to relax and talk art with the others who are also artists and when the ordering happened I was not the only one asking what this or that was, everyone did! 
below are the obligatory food case you want to see what was tried.
top was gluten free the bottom was not...but both were vegan
the rings are breaded and fried preserved meyer lemons...weird salt/sour experience
the red smear was SUPER spicy chipotle sauce that had me gasping for air
I came home feeling a little less excluded from food culture...


Mali said...

Good thing I've just had lunch, because otherwise I'd be drooling! Those dishes look great. I can't imagine being vegan (vegetarian, yes). But good for you for sticking to it, even when it's tough.

nicole said...

i'm a bit out of the loop because life was too crazy for a while for me to get to my fav blogs, so I'm catching up now. I didn't know you were going vegan! That's a big feat. Good job!!! I told recently by my doctor to cut out sugar to help with my hormones and it's been a bit hellish. I'm so impressed and proud of you. And that food looks delish!