Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It is well to give when asked but it is better to give unasked, through understanding.
Kahlil Gibran, 'On Giving,' The Prophet, 1923
I found this quote the other day while working on a project and it made so much sense to me.
It simply highlights compassion.
 but so so beautifully.

I was wondering around the internets and looking people up
...some would call this stalking but I am not doing it in a creepy way....
really I am not creepy or stalky...
curious would be a better adjective.

Anyway....I found my yoga teachers, and one of them has a blog too!
So I started reading it, it is not private or invitation only so I figured it was fair to read.
Well it revealed that this wonderful inspiring instructor of mine was just out of recovery last year,
for an eating disorder.

I have two regular instructors with my current schedule and so I alternate between them.
I find them both compassionate, inspiring and the reason I am still willing to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to get to their classes before work.
They are strong and although their bodies are fit and trim and athletic they are not whispers of women. I like that.
 It has made me brave enough to wear "workout" clothes
and be vulnerable in class.
It has allowed me to look at myself in mirror, and not be ashamed at what I see looking back at me.
It has allowed me to reclaim the person who I use to be, the one that liked herself and her body.

After reading this heartbreaking account of her daily struggles to overcome her mean inner voice, I could relate to the internal fight. The daily questions and wicked downward spiral.
I was overwhelmed and compelled to write her a love bomb.
I have been a little behind on my love bombs...and it was the perfect reason to start up again.
(love bombs are cards, notes and love I send to others, just because I feel compelled to)

 I wrote her a note, on a handmade card, that expressed my thanks for all that she has inspired in me; allowed me to explore and become and to thank her for being that person for me.
 I wrote one for the other teacher too...as she has played a role for me as well...
and then it overflowed into more notes to more people that I was thinking about.
It was wonderful and made me feel deeply about these people.
I felt warm and fuzzy and happy!
 Love bombs for me, are all about the act of making and giving them.
That is what gives me the most joy, I am leaving no words unsaid.
I am sending love out to others.
 When I was at my lowest, I just wanted to feel deeply loved,
whole and important. I wanted to be bombarded with love. If I couldn't receive that, I could give it instead....so I started sending love bombs.

Try and not cry while watching this one....
But more importantly....send some love out !


Kitty said...

Love this! Very inspirational <3

Amel said...

Oh this is SO COOL! And my eyes are TOTALLY wet now. THANKS for sharing! :-D