Friday, December 28, 2018

I am good and healthy

I got the phone call while dropping off artwork at the gallery.
I had to take the call in a public place....
I repeated what the Nurse said:
"clear and good, nothing present"
I folded in half with relief
the curator walked up to me and said...
that sounded like good news
I said yes, I had a test and it is clear.
What were you tested for?
I had a biopsy from my uterus, they wanted to rule out cancer.
She turned white and said she was so very glad to hear the news....
I told her it felt like I could take a deep breath.

I remember thanking her again for including me in the exhibition and I floated out of the gallery and landed in a metaphysical gift store a couple doors down where I bought my bestie a set of Animal Spirit Guide cards

Since the news I have been kind of numb and very thankful
very present 
and quieter

I enjoyed a quiet Christmas with The Barren
and then with family

I am fine, I am good, I am thankful 
and peri-menopausal


loribeth said...

So glad to hear the news was good!

Sarah said...

Me too!

Mali said...

Oh yay!