Thursday, August 04, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday I continued a tradition that was started many many many years ago
 and went almost forgotten until recently.
I introduced my niece to yoga.

My Aunt introduced me to her yoga practice many moons ago when I was 10 years old.
I mostly remember falling asleep on the living room floor.
That gently blossomed into me finding yoga again in college and then 
practicing in Nepal and then again before I was married
and as a newlywed.

Then it fell away until three years ago and now I don't think I will forsake it again.
I introduced my nephew first...we do yoga (a few poses) when he spends the night, 
before he plays video games and when we go for exploration walks.

Yesterday as part of my nieces "graduation to Jr. High" school gift, 
we attended a class together.
She is 12 and now old enough to attend a level 1 class with an adult.
(I was that adult, hahaha)
I picked her up and asked if she was excited about it or nervous.
She said she was both, I told her I was too, so we could be beginners together.

We arrived early so we could get her signed into class.
She signed the forms in big round letters that spelt out her first name
 and only the first initial for her last name,
thus beginning her week of free yoga.

I showed her the locker room 
(part of my plan was to introduce her to a locker room before starting Jr High school)
I gave her a tour of the changing area,I showed her where the hair bands were, the q-tips and lotions. I pointed out that there were tampons on the backside of the toilet, in case someone got their period.
Hairdryers and kleenex all for use.
She picked out our locker, we stored our clean clothes for after class and headed to the studio to wait for the class to begin.

We chatted a little before the teacher showed up and watched all the other people arrive into class.
She followed along, exploring the quiet moments, and watching me for pose ques.
It was surreal for me...this little girl was becoming a teenager before my vary eyes.
We compared how sweaty we got...smiled at each other and did yoga!

After class, she was in a good mood and we headed back to the locker room.
There were women in various states of undress...
I told her I was going to take a shower, and asked if she wanted to as well...
she opted out (which I expected) and I gave her the key to the locker and told her which shower I was in and to meet back at the locker when she was done changing. 
She changed in a toilet stall.
I only freaked out a little when the locker room got really quiet when I was rinsing off...and I wanted to call out her name to see if she was still there...but decided that I was going to treat her like a grown up and let her be. 
She was on the bench next to the locker on her ipod when I walked over from the shower.
I got dressed and asked what she was doing and if she felt okay after class.

We thanked the teacher after class and walked to get her a smoothie....
As we were returning to the car I turned and saw this...
I had my camera on the wrong setting, but you get the idea:

It is happening!

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nicoleciomek said...

Watching the young people in your life grow up is amazing! I think it is so awesome you got to have this day with her and introduce her to yoga, something you love. As non-parents I think we too have space to think about the seemingly small, but maybe pretty important to s young person things. And I have found it so gratifying to get to have special experience with young people because I do notice something they might need or enjoy. So hooray for the big win of the day and the joy of watching her grow up!