Thursday, May 12, 2016

Run over

So last week I was dead set on going back to yoga after missing the week because of my head-cold...and I arrived to my class on Friday with a sore stomach and feeling sweaty.
I brushed it aside to peri-menopausal symptoms and that I ate too much cabbage the night before.
Plus now I am convinced that the heated room 
and a good sweat can solve all coming cooties and ickies.

I got settled into class, and I started to feel dizzy...
OK move slow...
then the face-down poses started and the pressure on my stomach was not good....
then the standing was iffy, then the forward fold...
and a "wet burp". 
I calmly walk out of class and await the following...nothing. 
Performance anxiety

I try and return to class to finish and it is made PERFECTLY CLEAR
 that is not going to happen!
Defeated, I roll up my mat, take my cold sweaty body to the showers, 
get dressed and head to work....

Wrong choice number 2

I am able to stay for about an hour, 
before I need to get into my car to head home.
Along the drive I think of all the errands I still need to do...
and then I head a voice in my head.
"take care of yourself, don't do anything but go home"
I reason with myself that I can take the mail the following day to get postage...

I make it home to see the neighbor walking his toddler and newborn, he looks up at me as I am exiting my car and says hey how ya doing? 
I say " I'm sick keep a distance" 
he says yeah, I'm trying to keep her head out of it, 
she just tossed all down the front of me, 
referencing the swaddled newborn he was attached to. 
I suddenly image the smell of curdled milk....
I made it in the house, up the stairs and to the bathroom just in time to lose it....

The rest of the day was spent shivering, 
sweating and sleeping until The Barren made it home from work 
with anti nausea medicine and saltines.
He rescued me once again.

Why do I go into details?
If I had a child this would have been made SOOOO MUCH MORE complicated
I was thankful that I just needed to deal with me that day
as I could barely do that.
This last weekend was spent recovering
The Barren started to not feel well again, we have  
both been battling something for the last two weeks!
Now he is headed off to the doc as his cough is sounding different 
and keeping sleeping at bay.

I joked with a friend that 46 is HARD
I got to be a birthday girl for three days and then I got sick!
Can I call a do over?

Then after this last weekend I told The Barren that I was in 
metamorphosis and that I am gonna be one DAMN fine butterfly
when this was gone.
I refuse to let everything lead to something bad any longer!


Mali said...

I do hope you're feeling better by now - both of you. And I love your last sentence! It's something I'm trying to remember too. So far, my recovery from my ankle (which, as you pointed out, would have been a nightmare if I'd had children) has gone well, but it's as if I'm waiting for something to go wrong. So I'll take a leaf out of your book, and say I refuse to let it go wrong!

Amel said...

Oh no...I also hope you're both feeling better. I felt the same way when I was on a sick leave due to tennis elbow. I had to avoid doing heavy stuff for a while (no cleaning the house etc.) and it would've been impossible with a young child.

And hear, hear, I'm clinking my glass to your becoming a fine butterfly!