Friday, February 27, 2015

My apparent Achilles heel

Friday morning is a wild one.
My teacher on Friday is a guy who really loves 80's music.
He makes his own mixes and is a former gym rat so there is often some random cardio thing thrown into the normal rotation of salutations and poses.
Most mornings I giggle to myself remembering where I was or what life was like when I hear the songs. Mostly Jr High and High school...torment!!
The songs are often heavy on emotion and fluffy, ya know a good 80's John Hughes film kind of thing.

Last week he threw in a vintage Michael Jackson song:

I was amused and glad to hear an old school MJ song that I remember from childhood. 
I smiled during the flow and nodded my head, tapped my hands.

This morning though, this morning was different.
I got to class early, had a little small talk with the teacher about this cool article I saw, and sat in the room before class to warm up with the room.
I was breathing and thinking about how sleepy I still was, but was here to do my best.
I don't have to be good at it, I just have to do.

The class filled up, each of us in our places and we started the warm up...the music started and I felt a twitch. Then I started to smile...and I lost count of my breath.
What was happening?!
Over the speaker system was this song and then the dance mix of this song followed
Before I could do anything, she burst forth....
he had found my apparent Achilles heel and my inner 13 year old self could not contain her joy and glee and as I pressed into my down-dog she began to sing along with the music!!
She knew all the words and dance moves.

How embarrassing, she was totally embarrassing me....
I could see her dancing around the room to the song and singing to herself in her bedroom mirror.

I checked my reflection and although I was only mouthing the words 
 my inner teenager was making a scene ....
finally I just let her play 
Why was I trying to stop her?
I watched her set free her joy and it was amazing

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nicole said...

lovely! what a lovely moment :)

I love that feeling of remembering what it was like to be a certain age and feel care-free, to be silly when no one was looking (except maybe your friends) and to enjoy. It is wonderful how songs, movies, places can bring that back.