Monday, September 30, 2013

Three years ago today

Today is the anniversary of my infertility art exhibition.
It opened three years ago, and I was terrified that people would be less than kind about my vision.
There were a few mean comments, some left in my visitor book, some delivered to me personally face to face; BUT the majority of the comments were sweet, kind, heartfelt and honest.
It changed me forever.
As I reflect on this day, I am thankful beyond words to be where I am now.
Although I am still infertile and I am still not going to be a parent in this lifetime.
I am also still married to my AMAZING wonderful Barren.
We are understanding and coming into ourselves as grown up kids
We are still asking questions and exploring what we want.
I am no longer scared or ashamed of my Barreness
I am not thinking of myself as first The Barreness and then all the other qualities of myself.
I am healing my perception of my body.
I am able to look at myself in the mirror and not be mad at my reflection.
I am not only my twisted and fused  reproductive system
I am growing
I am whole
I am strong
I am smiling


IrisD said...


Annie Z said...

Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!!!
I'd love to know more about the art exhibition. Have you blogged about it?

Wolfers said...

I just LOVE your last statements- "I am growing I am whole I am strong I am smiling!" That is something we all need on the journey...