Thursday, April 11, 2013

Moving Forward...

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So as another week passes I feel fortified!
badass girl friends!
This last weekends family gathering was so low on drama, it was shocking.
(thank you for your kind words and thoughts)
The Barren and I both were still a bit guarded,
and watching our niece and nephew play with the other young duo that was there was heartbreaking, but also enjoyable as we had no responsibilities other than giving hugs and kind words.
The Barren feeding the in house bunnies and piggies
We were often quiet, and although there was a lot of talking, a lot of it was about other people, other adventures and other events. It was refreshing.
We posed for the "awkward family photo" and the few pics I have seen so far, reflect the level of comfort everyone was feeling from wearing matching outfits.
No attacks, no drama for me, no drama for The Barren
We returned home and I spoke with girlfriends and unloaded my heart.
Every dear wonderful friend I spoke to was angry and wanted to hit them( SIL and MIL)
 upside the head with a cast iron pan.
It made me feel so loved and protected and cared for
in a really primal way.
I know that the ladies I have worked so hard to have in my life are dear wonderful companions.
I feel like the luckiest lady on earth for it.
Now, now I am diving back into the is where I am happiest.
It is safe and free and smells right
Plus, I need to reinforce those plates of armour
My aforementioned mother-in-law will be visiting very soon.
next week I am told.
So that distance I thought I had is not the case....The Barren promises to stay near this time.
I think mostly to make sure I don't pick up any pans

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Impatiently Waiting said...

In laws. UGH! Love the bunnies, sooo cute!