Thursday, February 15, 2018

Random Encounters

I was feeling blue today, rough start to the day perhaps or just a flood of feelings...regardless I took a moment and said to myself 
" you gotta change this"
so I started doing things that my therapist use to call "Chopping wood and carrying water"
movement through sorrow...the key is to move, both literally and mentally.

We have a bunch of money paperwork in our bedroom, 
it is bad Feng Shui
so I decided to tackle that and get it out of our bedroom and stored somewhere more appropriate.
I made a list of things I needed and headed out to the 99cent store for office supplies.

I was cruising the aisles and turned the corner to encounter a man that was 
about 400 pounds and 6 foot 2
holding two pairs of hedge trimmers.

He said that " this is what you do to your husband" 
I responded that I loved him too much to hurt him.

I guess that opened the door for his unsolicited advice on how to reach the divine.
I was to call them forth by simply calling their name three times while touching acupressure points on my face and breathing in a certain pattern and they would manifest 

( I could only think about Beetlejuice at this point )
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He then continued to tell me how I could radically change my life with his processes and that he had cured addicts with this breathing and meditation techniques.
He then reached into his pocket on his shorts and pulled the top card off a stack of business cards and told me to go to the website and watch all the videos and read all the information there.

I in turn was taking this opportunity to listen
be present 
watch his hands and my enviroment
and remember that sometimes people just need to talk to someone.

I then said about four times
thank you for the information 
It could make for a very enjoyable weekend.
(with no intent of looking up the website, 
because in my mind I was sure it would have a virus or some creepy spyware.
I try to be kind- but not stupid)

As I was walking away he asked if I had children
I giggled under my breath
I said no
He then said that was good, because " kids these days are nothing but trouble"
I told him I had still had hope for them
at that, he asked if I knew where the superglue was.

It got me out of my mood.
It also kept me on my toes, and I was making note of where he was and making sure he wasn't watching me or following me.

That part sucked the most. 

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Mali said...

Sounds like you handled it very well. But yes, that last part sucks.