Monday, July 20, 2015

Little gifts

I was getting my weekly hoard of avocados and stone fruit from farmers market on Saturday.
A quiet moving meditation for me.
It was hot already at 8am, and there was no wind.
so it was kind of muggy too.
I had heard on the news earlier, that the drought is so bad, that we would need significant rain for three years strait to restore the levels back to normal.

I go to the market to get the few gems that our CSA box doesn't provide.
The guy I get my stone fruit from reminds me of 
He is really nice and sweet and sells KILLER fruit.
Almost every week there is a different variety of pluot, nectarine or plum to choose from.
I had paid the man for the fruit, and thanked him 
Turned to see a succulent vendor and stood in front of the rows of
pretty little plants all on display for sale.
The market was a buzz all around me...a low murmur of chatter and movement swirling 
on all sides of me....
I was just standing in silence deciding if I was going to get a plant to add to the ones at home, 
or pick up three more avocados.
I decided on two little plants and the man placed them into a little cardboard box, with some free potting soil and information paper on what they were and how to take care of them.
..and was handing me back my change

Just then, a drop
then another, then a crack and the sky split open and poured a waterfall of 
water downward.
People scrambled under vendor tents...
the succulent man was flustered that all his plant information paper was getting wet.
"my wife said, you don't need a tent, it will never rain"
I just stood there, looking up at the sky and smiling, laughing and saying out loud
What a wonderful thing this is

I must have looked mad
A silly smile across m face, drenched in cool raindrops
my shirt and skirt darkened from the new water.
My sandals filled with water and as I slowly walked away it was as though I had my own portable puddle to splash in.

People were huddled under the popup tents and the lady I get my dates from asked if I needed shelter from the rain...I looked at her, water running down my forehead and said
No thanks, it is just water, and it is wonderful to be in it

What a gift rain is


Mali said...

It truly is. I never realised quite how much till I visited Israel and Jordan. We are so lucky in most parts of NZ. I love this!

nicole said...

Beautiful post! Great imagery... I felt like I was there with you. (And for some rain! We are getting desperate up here in Oregon too.)