Monday, April 20, 2015

Grow a pair


In the mornings that I practice, I usually arrive early so that I can clear my mind and warm up with the room to a toasty 100* of so.
I usually lie on my back, and crack it by swinging my legs to the right and left, keeping my shoulders on the feels really good first thing in the morning.
Once cracked and adjusted back into line I lay with my hands on my ovaries.
Almost like I am protecting them, or shielding them from outside elements.
At first it was a motion I did without thought, involuntarily.

One morning, while settling in, I realized what I was doing and wondered why?
Was it from the years of poking them?
The years of requiring them to preform for us?
The years of extreme pain they caused me, like I was trying to get them to
 "relax and settle down there cowgirls!"

I don't have an answer for it.
 But... while browsing the vast information highway of the internets 
I stumbled on these fine ladies
I felt inspired and proud to see these modern revolutionary feminists!
After reading their mission statement and vision I was smiling.
Womyn making change in the world

I will now rethink the power of my ovaries, 
they are mighty
that are big 
and I don't need no fucking balls!


Mali said...

I love this. All of it - especially the drawing, and your fabulous declaration at the end.

Off to read more about those women.

apluseffort said...

Love this post!