Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Doing things different...

I am having a REALLY hard time focusing on much of anything right now.
I tried to work in the studio all weekend, but ended up looking like a crazy lady starting something here and walking away to stare at the sky and then come back and focus for another ten minutes and then decide to do laundry or wash dishes.
I know my brain is overwhelmed.
 I know that all those years of therapy have done something, as I realized that the first time I fucked stuff up and that it is not how I want to do it things time.
I am doing things different then when we got our Infertility diagnosis.
Then we told no one for a long time. We suffered together and pushed many friends away not knowing how to ask for help or support.
This new struggle we are facing things differently.
The Barren and I seem to be tag teaming out emotional breaks, so that we can be there for the other. He has shared his recent news with friends and parents.
I have shared my news with just a couple close friends, but I am so glad that I have
...I am too unprepared to share it yet with my parents.
and scared
It feels different to have told these selected few, better I guess.
I know that I can text a grumpy face to a friend and they will totally get it.
I am still having panic attacks, mostly at night when things are quiet and
I am alone with my thoughts.
The Barren and I are a good team, we have walked through hell before,
and still have legs.
I know we can walk through hell again and still have each others hand to hold.
It doesn't feel good to have this sitting over our heads
I don't have to like any of this or be OK with it
I am afraid for my love
I am afraid for myself
I am still very afraid.

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Nicole said...

I think you guys are so smart to reach out to others for support. It helps so much. I know when I was going through all my lady problems before I was even diagnosed with cancer, I really didn't talk to much of anyone and I later regretted it. Support systems, even if just a few close friends, are SO important.

Please let me know if you need anything at all. I am here for you.