Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today in the news....

* another soapboxy sort of post*
ok so all sorts of crazy stuff swirls around us daily and personally I try to navigate around the fake news stuff....like movie star dinners out, sports team negotiations, and telephone releases (sorry) ...but I do follow medical news as I am really bad at taking vitamins and I am always curious about how to make up for being a dork about simple things.
Anyhoo, I saw this today:
Mother-to-daughter womb transplant
'success' in Sweden
Doctors say the operations will only be considered a complete success if they result in children
um, no pressure or anything...and WOW
this is clearly highlighting the lengths and heights women will go to in an effort to get pregnant.
I admire the trial, but I am also heartbroken by it.
When will it be enough? How will you ever know when you have "tried everything",
or crossed off everything on your list ? Is it when you are left as a mere shadow of yourself
feeling totally defeated?
I am often thankful that The Barren and myself made these clear defining lines before trying to become parents...so when the emotions were so thick, and the sadness was so dark we were able to make choices.
I admire women, I care about women and I am often concerned about women who fall down the rabbit hole, and get lost and overtaken on the path.
Directed by empty promises
I know many of these women get pregnant, and many have chosen to take these paths.
It was not a path we chose, but I am not your enemy, nor am I judging you.
I am just concerned about how doctors seem to take advantage of couples.
It is those that I am referring to...I am most concerned about. 
 the all cards on the table, all the chickens
The all to familiar story of: 
"Well first you have to try these four things that will most likely not result in a pregnancy first, break your heart into a million pieces, finance yourself into a hole and then dangle a carrot just out of reach so that you are always feeling like you have never done enough"
I can only image what these women are about to go through next, their mothers gave them their uterus and now the doctors are pacing to see if they can get pregnant.
One has already had her path face cancer, another wasn't even born with a uterus...the emotional expenses so far are huge!
I am sending out love and strength to these ladies, I am sure your road was not easy up to now, and I fear it will continue to be a bumpy ride.
BIG love your way


Mali said...

"I admire the trial, but I am also hearbroken by it."

Exactly. This post explains it exactly. The conflicted emotions between the wonder that things like this might be possible, with the fear that it will just increase the pressure (external and self-imposed) on women to try everything, to expend everything (emotions, energy, finances, relationships) in the hunt for children.

Nicole said...

Man. These things always leave me with a mix of emotions. I hear you on this issue... definitely something I will be thinking about for days to come as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey from ICLW, I get that this research seems to add pressure to the regular IFer but to someone like me, born without a uterus, it could be a miracle - I too have doubts that it will 'work' really and I am too late being nearly 30 to benefit from this but I think it's truly amazing.