Sunday, September 21, 2014

Things seem

OK, how could I resist this image?! 
It is creepy and so funny at the same time, and quite frankly sounds like a lot of fun!

Things seem to be back on track of sorts.
I have a tight deadline ahead of me, as I am in a three woman show that opens in about two weeks.
In fact, right now I am suppose to be making the last pieces, but instead I felt compelled to be here.
Reading your blogs and procrastinating.
I think it is what I do under pressure, add more pressure!
I worked until midnight last night and finished some work this am after breakfast.
This next week and a half will be framing and label preparations...
The venue is several hours away, so I need to be REALLY prepared as I can not simply grab something from home if something is forgotten. I think that freaks me into procrastination a little.
I have gotten a shitload of administration things done in the last week which has allowed me to relax into this next week and a half...haha relax...and I am so relaxed that eye twitch is really just an involuntary wink.

A massage from my mate sounds like just the ticket.

I am eating pretty well, trying to get real sleep and doing my practice
My second job is a little less intense, and as the year winds out...
I have a second deadline in place once this show is hung.
Which allows for my wheel to keep spinning, my plates can keep swirling and I can keep staring at the sky.

I did catch a little bit of a movie the other night, while procrastinating...
You know, andy warhol use to say everything is potential inspiration:
FEBRUARY 1, 2010 Warhol Photos Distributed Across Nation
From the Associated Press
"Andy Warhol kept boxes upon boxes of soup cans, receipts, fan mail and many other items, including thousands of photos he later used as inspiration for his giant paintings. Now more than 180 colleges and university museums, and galleries around the nation are benefiting. The New York City-based Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has donated to them more than 28,500 of Warhol's photos, worth $28 million."
By Carrie Antlfinger

I am gonna steal that and stop calling what I do procrastination, but instead research
yep, I was researching on the couch the other night....I caught a little bit of this movie:
It had John Cusack in it and I am a sucker for him, plus it was quirky funny.
The parts that made me giggle were all her realizations about bring creative/writer/artist and the reality associated with them. It was entertaining and kept me up later than I should have been and I didn't get to see the beginning or I can say the middle part was good, and that is really the meat of a mediocre film. 
I would like to see the whole thing, regardless

So today, today I am doing less research and more work...really
I better get to it now the daylight is ticking away


Mali said...

You sound happy and enthusiastic, and you've made me smile. And I think a bit of a break to write and read or watch a bit of a movie is reasonable, because it reinvigorates you for the next period of frenetic activity.

nicole said...

That image is HILARIOUS. I love it. I'll follow Mali and say you sound very happy! It's nice when things start to ease some and you can breathe a bit. It greatly improves sanity. Wishing you good luck with your upcoming show!