Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shifts and Alterations

      Mind you this is literally day one, but I am making plans!
I got my blood results back and aside from needing to take a multivitamin,
my cholesterol is acting all wackadoodle!
I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 23years, often flirting with veganism...
I don't drink milk, but I really love goat cheese.
Normally this fat in the blood thing doesn't come into play...
but as I age I am finding that genetics might be factoring into things.
My father has to take meds for cholestrol, but he kind of uses it as a "this will fix my food choices" medication and his doctor really doesn't care. I love him, but he also considers fast food a realistic option for meals on a regular basis, and runs from most veggies.
For me, the only thing that has changed from last years results when I had a lower level,
is that I am back on BCP and I am drinking a lot of black tea.
green tea this morning
I did some research on the "dr googles" and found that the BCP can effect triglyceride levels.
I love scapegoating the pill, it is a double edged aide in my life.
My doctors have had me do this before; I have swapped out egg whites for whole eggs,
and stopped eating cheese (and just about went insane) and my level lowered a little
...but not significantly.
So this time I am attacking the results in a new way.
I am stopping my morning black cup of tea with 2teaspoons of sugar.
( I will allow myself a cup of almond milk chai 2x a week, I have to not punish myself)
I am also researching the anti-inflammatory diet for controlling/suppressing endo.
That also suggests moving to green and oolong teas
(there are now a MILLION tea shops so I am sure there will be a good replacement)
So this swap will be two-fold
I am also getting an indoor exercise thing, jump rope or something like it.
I figure I can attack stress this way too and do little workouts throughout the day instead of the daunting "chunk of time" that always seems to allude me with my upside down schedule.
(I get up at 5am for work commute for an hour to work, but home often takes longer and I am often home after 6pm....then dinner and email and bed by 10...on days without classes or business meetings after work)

I am pissed about this result...I have spent a good portion of my life controlling what I eat and to further reduce my options drives me nuts and feeds that destructive part of my brain that makes me think I am fat and lazy and unpretty because of a number.

So I am calling in my "I'm gonna handle this inner femme fatale"
and instead of being really angry, I am just gonna fight back.

Deep down, I fear the number will not really reduce that much,
but I want to at least feel like I am trying everything.
Sound familiar?!

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nicole said...

I am so sorry to hear about your cholesterol. yes, a lot of these things are genetic and irritating. But, i think you have the right attitude!! Let your inner femme fatale go after it! I highly recommend for indoor exercise getting some exercise bands, as well as one of those exercise balls. There are tons of youtube videos/instructions online and they make for fast easy workouts.

You are strong and will overcome this bump!