Thursday, May 09, 2013

B-day hangover

I had a very quiet birthday.
The Barren took me out with the intention of us drinking,
relaxing and hopefully starting a weekend of laughter.
I made reservations for us at a local place that actually makes drinks with alcohol in them,
and the food is alright...
We ended up talking about our infertility most of the night...
he is finding himself in a strange place,
wanting to move on but the constant questions from others makes it hard to.
The drinks allowed us to laugh about lots of things, instead of cry.
By my third drink I was pretending to be on a first date with him.
He found this very funny, I thought in my drink induced haze I was being sneaky.
...then I suggested we go for a walk; that idea ended after the fourth step outside
when I realized how heavy my head was,
and the act of balancing it took too much effort
 in combination with walking.

He suggested we drive home,
The Barren took an alternative route and I think he was headed to the beach for a
make-out session with his "date"...but
I had closed my eyes and when I opened them I thought I was being kidnapped
and although I made him laugh, it was clear I was panicked.
Make out session nixed
We arrived home to me literally crawling upstairs and falling on the floor,
laughing hysterically at the cats "sitting there judging me"
and collapsing into bed.
2am woke me by slamming a hammer against my skull and
Saturday was a greasy food hangover recovery day.
so, for some a typical birthday,
for me bittersweet,
as I think I was trying to make it all normal.
hangover food: vegetarian version
grilled cheese-raw onions-french fries
My cake eating party went OK,
a friend received a call just as we were cutting the cake,
that something happened to her fiance who was returning from a weekend trip
and the mood dropped and we dispersed.
Leaving a lot of cake and a gallon of homemade ice cream in the freezer.
(fiance OK, but a member of his adventure passed away)
My dear friends planned a "do-over"
I was embarrassed at them wanting to make a fuss, but also deeply touched.
We had sangria and dinner and then I got a gift on top of all that.
It was lovely.
I made these two options for sugar overload, plus cookies...
it was insane of me

My birthdays seem to be evolving into a smaller, quieter gatherings.
I use to have HUGE parties and some little part of me still craves that,
but I am coming to understand as we age it doesn't always work out that way anymore.
I think I am OK with this evolution.

I think I carried a lot of last years memories with me into this birthday.
Reflecting on my mother and father and how radically my relationship has shifted with them.
It was hard to not think of, it was hard to not remember, it was hard to let go of.
My mother and father are "fine", and I struggle daily with not parenting them for two reasons:
1. they are not ready/needing parenting yet
2. I am not ready to be my parents parent.
I have to remember this, well mostly number 1, because I know when the time comes number 2 is something I will never be ready for.

I feel a personal evolution within again too:
I am becoming older, and possibly wiser.
Problem is, I don't want to grow up anymore...


Team Harries said...

Happy belated!

Mali said...

Happy Birthday. Those cakes looked gooooooood!

LOL at the cats judging you.

CameronPoe2409 said...

Happy Birthday, sounds like you have some lovely friends and husband. xx

nicole said...

Happy (very) belated love.

It sounds like you learned a lot from your birthday this year.

I love your and the Barren's celebration and your hangover cure :)