Saturday, March 02, 2013

Beautiful Butterfly

OK so after crying in the coffee shop while talking with a friend...
I got to work in the studio and here I am up to my elbows in ink.
Working...struggling and recovering from a lot of emotion it appears.
My SIL announced via and ultrasound image on facepuke, I thought I was ok, but not really.
It hit surprised me, but I am working through that...I got drunk last night to also celebrate the most rejection letters in a month I have ever gotten....quite a feat!
 I am at 75% of my submissions for the month.
I was awoken this am, by my bank texting me that my debit card was being used suspiciously...ironically they bought a bunch of anti-identity thief stuff online. sigh
All seems calm again...but really....I think I forgot my umbrella for the amount of shit that is flying right now. So I am hunkered down in the studio...pushing myself thru the sludge of stagnation and plan on rewarding myself by getting some plants to yardbomb the neighbor tonight.
Karma for others.
So back to the press I go....and then onto the next thing and the thing after that.
I continue to move forward...moving, laughing at fear, anger and frustration.
you silly adjectives 
I will emerge from this a beautiful butterfly....or a funny looking moth.
Either way I will have wings!


LaLa said...

I'm so sorry about everything bad happening. The announcement and the debit cart thing - ugh!

I hope the creative process helps you to feel better, and a I am wishing you some stellar responses to your remaining submissions.

Stay strong and believe in yourself - you're a wonderful person and this too shall pass. Hugs!

Mali said...

You sound so strong in this post. Picking yourself up, brushing yourself off, and knowing you're a beautiful butterfly in the face of all this. I'm struggling to do that myself at the moment, so I'll use this post as inspiration.

PS. The "you silly adjectives" comment - brilliant!