Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm Alive

First memory of words coming out of the operating room:
" Do I have both ovaries?"
" The Doctor only removed the cyst"
tears running down my cheeks
 " That is such a relief, thank you "

image via: vintagebirdlostatsea.trumblr

There is a lot to process, The Barreness has been busy, but the things to know are:
The cyst was removed, and there were no signs of cancer
There was a lot more scar tissue than she was expecting
The only other surgery I would need to have would be a hysterectomy
There is no way I could get pregnant with out assistance,
endometriosis has twisted and turned my tubes to a non-functional level.
My heart is filled with humility and love
I am overwhelmed with a wide range of emotion


Nicole said...

SO, SO, SO Happy to hear you are doing OK and both those ovaries are still in place. AND THAT THERE IS NO CANCER!!!!!! My biggest fear after my hysterectomy as they said they take the ovaries if they saw disease there.

REST UP. Take care of yourself dearest lady. The rest of it can be left for later worries, but right now, you are safe and sound. Time to mend. xoxoxo.

Kate said...

hello from ICLW - I started reading some past blog entries of yours a few days ago in anticipation of this week... I'm glad to see good results of surgery (no cancer, and no more cyst...)

Anonymous said...

Stopping by via ICLW and wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving & holiday season! :)