Friday, February 09, 2018

Checking in with myself

Most of the sadness has been processed now and recovery and rebuilding is in full swing.
Those things are helping me, personally move forward at a more normal pace.
I feel like a soft shelled crab, rebuilt but still fragile.

I also feel quite ex·trav·a·gant
I have been practicing at two yoga studios for the past month.
I am doing yoga 6 days a week and it feels great, but it is a pace I can not maintain financially.
in 10 days it will all stop. 
I tried a yin yoga class, and it had me in very deep stretches for very long periods of time, example a seated forward fold for 6 was intense and relaxing and I was so very sore the next day.
 A good lesson in humility indeed.

I have also discovered some new feats my body has mastered:
 Optical migraines
Tooth grinding

I thought I was going blind one night and called my eye doctor who after examining my eyes confirmed that I was not going blind but was experiencing all the visual disruptions of an optical migraine, but I did not get the headache. Instead, shortly after leaving his office I got a repeat performance of optical distortion and a whopper of a headache.
In an effort to comfort me, he said that if the disturbance is in both eyes it is your brain. If your issue is only in one eye, most likely it is an issue with the eye....
so I kept saying to myself as I waited for the migraine pill to kick in...
you are fine, it is just your brain.

Then as a second act of adulting I went to get the dentist for the 6 month check-up
(which I postponed twice because of fires and mudslides)
and found out that I am grinding my teeth again!
I was shocked as that is something I haven't done since my infertility days, which resulted in a migraine that last for two months...and all sorts of other tests.
Turns out I have been doing a lot of it recently and I successfully chipped enamel from my back tooth that now needs to be repaired by my dentist that appears to be 20 years old and has a picket fence of white straight perfect teeth.

This adult stuff is not for the faint of heart....
body maintenance and upkeep is something that you don't think about when you are younger and dreaming of being an adult.

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Infertile Phoenix said...

I am happy to hear about your recovery and rebuilding!! As you know, that is no small feat.

I went to the dentist yesterday and learned about my thinning enamel. This growing older stuff is not for the young! (Ok, bad joke, but those seem like the only kinds of jokes I can tell, haha).

I love the dancing brain animation.