Thursday, May 07, 2015

Silent reminders

I am a big fan of Frida Kahlo and her work
She was an artist that unlocked my ability to be empathetic with and personally identify with.
I know she is quite a popular iconic image of woman now, but her story is often glossed over or only bits are highlighted. She was a rebel, a poet, an artist and a strong unapologetic woman.
Ones story doesn't need to be the same to be empathetic, it just resonates deep inside.

She contracted polio at the age of 6 and then at the age of 18 was horribly injured in a trolley accident and it left her with life long problems
including infertility.
I  remember seeing her painting in college and thinking I understand this pain...I understand her.
Her work is visceral and heavy and beautiful in expressing pain.

When I started to make work about my infertility, I often sought solace in the work she made. 
Almost like a mentor, a moral support cheerleader
I can be brave like her.

It is on my list to visit her home she shared with Diego Riveria
Every so often there will be an article about the museum finding things in the home, that they never noticed before...
recently they uncovered a whole room of Frida's belongings.
and they are now in museum displays.
It is a beautiful showcase of not only the woman's style, but her desire to decorate herself and her things....marking them as hers. Owning them.
It is eerie, but oh so beautiful

HERE are the best photos I could find of the recent displays


Amel said...

Gee...I had no idea she had to wear corsets because of that as well as a prosthetic. What an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing! Now I feel like I know her a little better.

I LOVE this line the most in your post: "Ones story doesn't need to be the same to be empathetic, it just resonates deep inside." How very true!

nicole said...

I did not know all this about Frida Kahlo. Very interesting! A very wonderful mentor to have :)