Friday, April 10, 2015

Mementos of a weekend

Our first Sedar
I made it through! 
We made all the food in time, and was able to stuff the bellies of my parents with yummy food that was different and delicious.
The Barren made it home in time to cook the meat and fire up the BBQ for the fish and bones.
We worked together and made it happen.
My mother was beyond touched that I wanted her to do NOTHING but sit and enjoy a hot meal, 
my father got super emotional stating that he was deeply touched that The Barren embraced the rituals from day one with not an ounce of hesitation or question.
It was an emotional dinner
My table was set with dishes that we only use every once in a blue moon, because I love them so much, and we are like bears in the kitchen and break so many things. The candlesticks belonged to my great grandmother. They remind me of the Minoan snake goddess, and that makes me love them even more.  The tablecloth and napkins belonged to my grandmother, complete with stains from meals past. The matzo cover belonged to The Barrens grandmother, I am pretty sure it was not designed to be a matzo cover, but it is now and I am sure she is happy about it. The crocheted doilies were made by an adopted grandmother in Slovakia, as a wedding gift to us. 
It felt like I was calling all these loved ladies to the table to eat with us.
Have a hot Passover meal, put your feet up and let me spoil you.

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Mali said...

How wonderful! I love that you used so many precious things from other women in your life. And I want your dishes - they are beautiful.

It can be scary trying to start our own traditions, or take them on willingly even though we thought we might be doing them for our children, but the rewards are great. I love love love this post.