Friday, January 03, 2014

The end is neigh...

OK so my first world problems were solved and the package arrived...on the Saturday. We left for our little trip on Sunday so I could still wear the dresses....though one makes my boobies look like rocks in socks...gotta find a good bra option for that dress, cause free styling is NOT an option it seems.
The Barren and I went away for the couple days before Christmas,
we are trying new things,
trying to find new personal rituals that make us feel good.
This year we tried the desert, I had a fantasy to see cactus covered or dusted in snow...
well, my state is in a drought, in fact this year is the driest on record since 1877!
We are bone dry...
So although there was no snow, the desert never disappoints in it's own beauty.
We visited a state park and were able to be almost alone for the whole day!
It was quiet and barren and beautiful.
We have to remember to bring a picnic, as we had to cut our visit short,
because we were getting hangry and
the bottle of water and mixed nuts just didn't cut the cheese.
We relaxed and got massages, sweated in the steam room, had dessert in bed and ate ate ate fancy food...
I ate everything I saw and it felt like that when I got back into class (ugh)
Then New year arrived and The Barren started to feel *funny*, he didn't drink much but we still ate like crazed people and the next day we were both lying the end of New Years day The Barren was coughing and sweating and saying funny things.
He got a cootie.
I went out to the scary pharmacy in our neighborhood
(they assume all people walking in are looking for pills, or are strung out on it is a colorful crowd when getting cold medicine)
I nursed as best as I could and tried to keep my face away from his as he coughed through the WHOLE house...leaving no surface free of cooties!
I skipped class yesterday to nurse him after the doctor said it was a possible bacterial infection in his chest, I kept a cheery disposition and made sure he got two antibiotics into him before the end of the night...but last night my chest started to get heavy, and currently it feels like there is wet sand in my lungs, weighing me down.

Sadly, I can not miss work, we are about to have a very important inspection, so I am here, skipped yoga again as I could not imagine being able to catch my breath in class...and popped two ibuprophen and am drinking water so I pee every half and hour, and trying to work with a clear head.

I can only think of two things:
1. I want to go to sleep
2. when can I get back to work in the studio?!

So my new years list is on hold, until I can really see clearly
and feel rested to really know what I want from this year.

I have deeper and more interesting things to say, but it will have to wait
 as all circuits are busy right now with other tasks.
Happy new year ladies, I will be back to my normal self soon, I am sure....

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Amel said...

Glad to hear the dresses arrived on time, but sorry to hear about the health issues. Take care and rest a lot at home!!!

Funny thing is that over here it seems that some people are getting sick as well and I've been trying to avoid getting sick myself.