Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quiet on my mind

I recently spent some time in the woods with friends.
After I got past the "I better be on my best behavior, and not act like a dork" phase I realized I was among "safe people"

I traveled into the woods to stay at a friends home for a night, walk in the trees, look at amazing vistas and take photos like a crazy tourist.
In fact every time I looked over at my companions they also had the camera smashed up against their faces. Our respective loved ones, were gathered in a semi circle, unfazed by our photographic assault of the scenery and all just understood that is how we process life around us. Record it...

Our single overnight and full day felt like it lasted for two or three...there were long moments of quiet and the acceptance of that quiet was unique and fulfilling beyond words.

I ate pie, I awoke to watch animals feed in the early morning in the trees and I spent time thinking and laughing.

I need more of those days...many many more

I was holding my breathe to take this, 18 seconds was my max at 7000 ft


Mali said...

Lovely. Love that you had silence, and that you could just breathe. I also have a place where one day feels like about three. I'm hoping to get back there in a few months.

Also Pie sounded good!

Wolfers said...

Big dipper! Hadn't seen that for a long while-, especially with light pollution around here! :) Glad to hear that you are able to find silence, moment of mindfulness..

Nicole said...

Lovely pictures and I am so glad to hear you are getting to relax and that you had a great time. Thinking of you and hope this has continued.