Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I survived the eye exam today, but left feeling broken and waited to cry until I got back to the car.
I have come to understand that I will not find a doctor, that wants to be a healer.
I went to the EYE doctor for goodness sake and the constant teasing of my poor eyesight, the jokes about how I needed a German Shepard and that I have old eyes were just too much to bear by the end.

I ordered my new prescription and left with eyes the size of saucers.

I am sure that if I haven't had years of doctors telling me all the things that are wrong with my body, it might not have been such a big deal but I think it simply just reconfirms that I do not like doctors anymore.
I simply need to interact with them in order to keep myself healthy, despite them.


La Belette Rouge said...

I avoid doctors like the plague. I know for sure that my years of infertility has impacted my feelings about them. I need to get a check up and yet I would rather see a witch doctor than one in an elegant medical plaza.

Scout said...

I've never trusted doctors or western medicine very much. I've always felt more listened to, more supported and more cared for by alternative medical practitioners.