Saturday, December 09, 2017


In day 6 of the fires...
We have returned to our home, while our area is still under mandatory evacuation orders. The threat of fire is no longer an issue. The air was cleaner at the time of that decision, from where we had evacuated to. Now every direction has bad air and on some days it has been listed as worse than Beijing.

So...We are home against evacuation orders, but have no cleaner place to go. We have three air purifiers running full blast, have taped up all the windows and some vents and lights, to decrease smoke leaking into the home. The cats are with us and keeping them safe and comfortable is paramount on the list. We feel like cowpokes..
We have electricity, the boil order on our water has been lifted and we are together and working as a united front. 
But boy, I have to admit, I am exhausted. 
I don't sleep all the way through the night, I have dreams about fire overtaking me and my home.
I am worrying about The Barren and his well being, I am worrying about the cats...I wonder how I will be able to get to work next week as the fire is moving in that direction.
I am toasted, stick a fork in me.


Mali said...

I have been worrying about you since your last post. It all sounds so horrifying! Take care of yourself, The Barren and your cats. I'm thinking of you.

Amel said...

I haven't been blogging or blog-hopping in a LONG time, but I hope you are safe and sound! Take care and keep us updated! Crossing my fingers for youuuu...