Friday, March 18, 2016

Dreams have returned

So it appears that my pregnancy dreams have returned.
I awoke last week shaken to the core from a dream about our 
baby's spirit being taken by something evil.
I was conflicted in the dream by wanting it to be born so I could hold it, 
protecting it from evil
Protection won out in the end!
I told The Barren and he told me that a pure soul can not be 
taken by evil, as it would have to recognize it as evil to begin with.
or something like that...I had tears in m ears as I laid in bed in the dark of the morning.

I then had another dream that I was heavily pregnant and trying to simply move about.

I am not sure why these dreams have returned.
Why I need to re-live them AGAIN

I am seeking that answer
I am stuck in a creative rut as well...
and maybe they are connected.
Maybe I am really pregnant with ideas but afraid to make them appear.

I'll go with that for now.
It is less sad


Mali said...

I'm so sorry you're being haunted by these dreams. I'm glad that you have the Barren to help. And I agree with your interpretation. I think when we feel stuck in a rut, all those other things that we wanted to do and couldn't pile up and creep back into our consciousness.

nicole said...

Oh the hauntings of the past. I often dreams of horrible events when half my life ago and think "WHY?"

I don't know if you've ever read any dream analysis books or talked about that with a therapist, but dream interpretation can be quite interesting... trying to get to the bottom of what's actually going on in that dream. I saw a Jungian therapist for a while and I loved analyzing my dreams... it was closer to when I had had cancer and so it was interesting to look at since I was hauling a lot of baggage still and my dreams were often quite crazy.