Wednesday, December 18, 2013


mad DJ skillz kitteh
I needed a distraction from my building ulcer....
I ordered some dresses for a little weekend getaway last week
 and my package did not arrive on Monday as it should have but instead is
still hanging out on the WRONG SIDE of the country!!
I am a little frustrated....OK a lot frustrated!
first world problem I know
My yoga class was PACKED this am, all the college students are getting in the last workout before heading home for the new hairdo's, talk of departure dates and work breaks were all the air was filled with in the locker room.
Meanwhile my pretty dresses are stuck in the wrong postal office!
Back to what you are doing...I am just bitching for no real good reason

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Amel said...

Awwww...sorry to hear about your dresses being stuck in the wrong postal office. I hope you still have a lovely weekend getaway nevertheless! I can't wait for this weekend and then Christmas break! :-D