Friday, June 21, 2013

Sick and tired

Sorry for being MIA for a while there, I got my annual cootie and it has stuck around far far far longer then I had patience for.
Let me back track...
After the ultrasound I went to get a massage, because I was sooooooooooo freaked out and worked up over it. I haven't had a massage in over a year and just wanted a "relax all is really gonna be fine" kind of massage...
Well the massage woman pretty much bruised me and then rubbed my feet to make me fall asleep and then sent me on my way...
Clearly she wielded some hypnotic powers over me as I walked out of the spa, sliding in my sandals from all the oil on my skin and cruised right into the children's clothing store next door and bought two things for what will be a new niece or nephew at the end of August.
I was only hearing the sounds of chimes from the darkened massage room as I shopped next to the overly pregnant shoppers, still unaware of the cootie that had been released within.
A day later I had a funny crackle in my chest, and by that night a low fever and sore throat.
I usually give myself 48hours of "icky" time, I can only really deal with being that patient with a cold. Well, this one had other plans as after 48hrs, it got worse and had me in my doctors office asking her to drain my head and replace my throat. Sadly because I am allergic to all things holy in cough medicine I had to play "medicine cabinet petri dish" with over the counter cold medicine to find the right combination of things that would suppress the rib cracking cough.
I got no sleep for over four nights and then on Monday The Barren cracked the code:
1. when settling into sleep, sip water every 5 seconds for three minutes
2. take a cap full of DayQuil
3. after one hour had passed, take an expired benydrl and wait...
4. fall into a coma so deep the cough can not permeate it
5. avoid the alarm clock at 5am and snooze until 5:45 then
6. soak self in shower and start your day of work.
I am sleeping on my own now and playing catch up....
I ended up spending a week at home, moaning groaning and pacing
I was BEYOND bored and exhausted
When I sat still, I was freaking out over all the deadlines that were passing me, and how much more behind I would be. When I tried to work, it would lead to hours staring and when I typed something, it looked something like this:
"I am in this thing, it is big and interesting, you should see it"
I decided to spare you from those colorful descriptions and grand scenes.
I also now have a new appreciation of what the cats feel like, as thrilled as they were with their couch was here ALL the time, I know what it feels like to be an indoor cat.
Wake up change places of sitting,
watch birds on patio,
drink water,
move to new sitting place,
snack on something unpleasing,
sleep, move to new sitting space...repeat
My cell phone was filled with pictures of the cats,
as they were my constant companions
when I was sitting up

When I was leaning back

I am a horrible patient and have no patience for colds.
Thankfully, this one has started moving out.
The Barren was sad to hear " the raspy 5pack a day cigarette " voice leave.
apparently that is his favorite part of my colds.
Me being a total stubborn person that doesn't want to do anything suggested for the first two days is his least favorite part.
I promise my next post will be better....


LaLa said...

So sorry you got sick! Summer colds are the worst...

But your cats are ADORABLE. :)

Rebecca said...

Hi from ICLW. Sorry you were sick. Love the cat pictures.

mommy someday said...

Hi from ICLW, hope you are feeling better!

Risa said...

Hi from ICLW! Adorable cats! That cold-thing sounds like it sucked. :( Hope you are feeling better.

St Elsewhere said...

Get well soon!



Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW...feel better!!!

nicole said...

So sorry you were so sick!!

Love your cat friends though :) they are adorable.

Glad you are feeling better and hope the ickies stay away for a long time.