Sunday, February 24, 2013

You Hip-Hop, and you don't stop

OK so it has taken about a week post period to feel like me again...What a living HELL that was.
In the wake of my latest Barreness kick-assing, I am feeling puffy, but ready to get back onto the path that makes me happy.
I am currently in what I can only assume is an artistic block.
I was feeling this coming on but figured I was just distracted with getting things in order, and a little new years organization fervor.
In reality....
I think the last three rejections to exhibitions have been a hit to my sense of creative self...I am use to rejection, it is part of the exhibition process...but I guess these last three in a row have been a little harder to step over.
For a short period of time I was ready to open the paper, dust off the traditional resume and hit the pavement, but instead I found myself curled around the ipad, reading the deadline websites for art exhibitions.
So I know I am suppose to keep making art,
I just need to find the rhythm to start jumping rope again....
I'm making The Barreness jump with me now!
I met a friend for tea and I had brought my folder of exhibition information with me, I had arrived a little earlier then our planned time and wanted to keep my brain in the game.
I keep the submission information for upcoming opportunites all in binder that has them in due date order and then shipping and submission information following.
This way I can see the constant timeline in action.
Keep a fire under my ass
She spied it and asked what it was, I showed her the current stack of information I was sorting through.
She was floored and said: you just submit over and over?
Me: All year long, it is all I can do.
It sounded strange but it is true, I am the mistress of my destiny now.
As Conan said:
"If you work really hard, and you're kind, amazing things will happen."
I am working for my amazing!

1 comment:

Wolfers said...

And I agree, you're amazing! :-)

Sometimes we gotta roll with the blows and get back up on the saddle (even with the sore butt!)

Sometimes I'd get praise for my artwork, I'd then think there's a chance I could show my art- but then when I ask if there'd be a opportunity to show- there'd be a pause there.

Ah well- keep trying, don't give up. :)

BTW, I hadn't heard from you since I sent you a responding email about FB.