Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar stabbing-Fluff

***warning this is a fluff piece*****

I searched high and low for a film clip, but alas the Youtubes let me down.
I was watching the pre-Oscar show that highlights all the superficial elements of the Oscars...how people look and the diamonds and gowns and who knows who....anyhoo.
Giuliana Rancic was debuting her new " look at me" shorter hairdo in time for the Oscar's and was all aglow when she spied Reese and was so overcome with girlcrush and envy you could almost make out her green eyes...Her commentary suddenly turned and she made Ryan Seacreast ask Reese what  the secret was of her AMAZING hair.
Reese overcome with pride and glee said to tell Giuliana:
" I just had a baby, and it makes your hair amazing, you know what that is like"
As professional as she was, Giuliana could not hide her dropped jaw/pained face
 at Reese's caviler response.
No pretty gown, new hairdo, adoption or money could fix it.
As much as she bugs me, and has been IF insensitive herself post adoption,
 I felt for her at that moment.
I could only find this reference to the question and answer online:
Reese Witherspoon wore bombshell waves and her signature blue eyeshadow. Oh, and she told Giuliana Rancic her secret to such voluminous hair (other than Renato, the same guy who styled Jessica): "I just had a baby! I'm not looking forward to when you lose all the hair after the baby."




Mali said...

I saw that! (One of my guilty secrets is that on Oscar day, I put work aside - I'm self-employed - and do all the laundry and ironing in front of the TV!) And I cringed for Giuliana. Thought that it was a very smug response from Reese, and pretty insensitive given that EVERYONE knows what Giuliana has been through.

Illanare said...

How awful and thoughtless!

Wolfers said...

Sometimes I think they are that nasty in Hollywood...knowing how to dig in- but that's just me... I don't watch Oscars because even little comments like this- it's all mega messages...