Thursday, August 09, 2012

Strange and Snotty days

I am currently home with a head full of snot so I have time to think....
and ramble.

I changed all my passwords and in the effort to make really good new ones, yet for some reason I can not memorize them, so that is why I have been MIA from here.
I have been thinking almost non-stop about blog ideas and have been writing them down on little pieces of paper so I can blog once I get home, then in the process of getting home, I misplace those pieces of paper. I am sure I will find the lair in which I placed them all one of these days and then go YEAH that is where I put them.

Regardless, I have been in a moving meditation for the last couple of weeks.
 I think out of pure protection from being emotionally overwhelmed and have found it to be good, and enlightening. I have revisited many remembered concepts and beliefs within myself and what I have hoped for my life. Some are practiced daily, others I am still working on.

I had a whirlwind adventure with The Barren, and spent 7hours in San Francisco while he was at a client  meeting.

Snack under a ginkgo tree at the museum

Cy Twombly

I saw an art exhibit I wanted to see and it reconnected with why I love being an artist and why it is so sosososososo isolating at times. I also conquered a fear and by doing so was able to visit my oldest friend. A sweet reward and reminder that I can do whatever I put my mind to...except grow babies and pee standing up in order to hit a fence. (I have tried both)

Last week while working (staring at a wall in an effort to push out a fantastic idea for the next piece of art), I had the background sounds of ambulances, and helicopters non stop for about an hour...even after a few tests with neighbors the answer was never revealed, but the strangeness continued.
I went to get some eats at a local market for dinner and kept hearing along with normal market noises a clomp clomp clomp sound followed by children's voice...then the loop again and a mom giving directions to the soups...then the clomp sounds again.
As I was checking out I saw what it was....
yep, little girls in 4.5inch heels, these heels I had tried them on myself.

What I found most strange is the level of OK people were with 8yr olds in stilettos. The girls often had to stop walking because they were so uncomfortable in the shoes and when they stopped they struck runway model poses...hands on hips, flipping hair. People passing smiled and giggled.
I fumed, I am not one to rain on a parade...I love a good crazy parade. This just seemed so wrong, the dress up can happen in a less public space, in a safer place. Mind you, mom was there and talking about how she was a model when she was younger (much to their surprise) but it was so public and so obvious that these little girls were skirting the edge of girl and woman....ugh I just wept inside knowing that they, much like other little girls, are growing up too too fast.

The weekend had me finally working on some new work and as I settled in I heard some squeals from outside the window...I looked and saw this. A neighbor had been ocean fishing and caught a really big fish. He plopped it down and was talking to his daughter and the neighbor girls about it.
The fish was embarrassed, I am sure

parent returning to nest with dinner

**In another personal triumph**
I have successfully hidden the swallow nest this year from the property management people!! In years past they have knocked the nests down just as they were about to lay eggs.I would spend days weeping from pure empathy...this year I washed all evidence away below the nest and only took photos at night, the reward was being able to watch and hear baby birds outside my studio window.

I know this has been rambly, and really nothing earth shattering...but I mostly wanted to let you all know I am here, I am OK and I am set to thrive!


Mali said...

Yay to that last sentence.

I also loved ...
the 8 year olds in heels (Like you, I think it's terribly sad - different thing walking around in mom's shoes at home)
and this ...
the fish was embarrassed, I am sure.

PS I am with you at remembering things to blog about when you are out, and getting home, searching your mind, and finding ... nothing!

Illanare said...

"The fish was embarrased, I'm sure"!! I'm going to enjoy that the whole weekend long :-)

Stinky said...

love this post and the mish mash thoughts that constitute an update. Loved the swallows with their protectorneighbour and especially loved the Mondrian(?)cake

Wolfers said...

Love your simple post- in my opinion, mindful posts are my favorite- since there's connection between body, spirit and mind, with inviting the surroundings in! :)

LaLa said...

I've been absent lately too with too many things on my plate, so I understand the feeling.

Love the Mondrian-inspired snack at the museum! So fun!