Thursday, June 28, 2012


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I mostly feel like this
except my beverage would be a cuppa tea
or a hard drink depending on the mood swing.
I don't like to think that I have fallen into the group of gals that has PMS,
but as time has marched on it appears that I do have a hormonal swing or two
I find it so dismmissive that you can blame actions on hormones; I still refuse to accept that
So the other morning, I said I was sorry to The Barren.
It feels horrible, I don't want to be the crazed lady I feel like.
I try and keep things in check and run it through the seive in my brain before letting it out of my mouth and into the ether, never to be recovered.

I think I need to write some more love letters...
I feel pretty blue and lonely and I need to remind myself of who I love and why.


Mali said...

Having experienced PMS (and feeling it looming right now), I 100% believe that hormones screw with our emotions. I don't necessarily think you can blame actions on hormones - though they make our actions harder to control, I still believe we maintain control of actions. But they make it a lot harder.

And I love your solution of how to remind yourself of those you love and why.

LaLa said...

I didn't used to get hormonal - even around my period, but I've found that as I've gotten older, I cry and go into depression much easier than as a teen and twenty-thirty something. So there might be something to that hormonal thing. Unfortunately.

I also am very familiar with the sense of loneliness and sadness. BUT I don't know if you can "blame" hormones for that right now - you've been through an emotional wringer lately! That takes a lot out of you and reconnecting with those you love and the things you love to do sounds like a wonderful idea.