Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It is my birthday

image from Vintage Rose Girl

It is my birthday, smack dab in the middle of NIAW...
I use to feel miffed that it fell on "secretary's day" but
I think being reminded of being infertile all week might trump it.

Anyways, there has been enough thick emotional sludge to drag myself through in these last two weeks that I decided that yesterday was the perfect day to start the party.
I sat and had a pity party yesterday afternoon...and then by the early evening I had blown off
enough sorrow to re-focus on some art and my submission to "the way I see it" exhibit over at

I arrived at work this morning, convinced it would be just another day, and my little brother surprised
me and had gotten up early and made me cookies.
They were even warm when he haded them to me.
I am feeling very loved

May this be the start of a wonderful birthday week!
(after the age of 30 you get to celebrate your birthday for a longer time each year,
 didn't you know that? )

Happy Birthday to me


Court said...

Happy Birthday! =)

LaLa said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday!! I know it's come during a scary period in your life with all the family things going on, but I do hope you can find some moments of peace and happiness... and I like the idea of taking a whole week to celebrate! :D

IrisD said...

Happy Birthday!!! I loved that you got warm, just out of the oven cookies first thing in the morning!! How thoughtful and caring of your brother. When I turned 43 (I'm 42 now) I had my family and friends over for dinner, dh cooked up a storm, and I felt so loved and appreciative of all the people that were truly there for me. Focus on the positive and enjoy each moment of your birthday month... you should be celebrating way into May.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday cookies are the best! What kind were they? Congrats! Treat yourself well, you deserve it!

ICLW #53

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday (one day late)!!! I know your life is topsy turvy right now with all your mom is going through, but I hope you were able to enjoy your day just a little bit. Sending you good vibes and positive thoughts and love!

CameronPoe2409 said...

Belated Happy Birthday!xx

Mali said...

Eek - I was sure I had wished you happy birthday yesterday. I even remember commenting on warm cookies. (Mmmmmmm, warrrrmmm coooookies!) So happy belated birthday to you!

Wolfers said...

Happy birthday! Just found your blog, and I'm glad! :)