Friday, November 12, 2010


Hubby just called to say  that he will not be home until late.
He is meeting with friends and relaxing his Friday night away.
In some ways it hurts my feelings...I work all day so that by Friday night we can hang out together other ways I realize it is really important that he has his space and time.

I am home, in the quiet of the house.

My period is late again, and I have a pee stick sitting on the counter waiting for me to address it.
I know I am not pregnant, I just need to see the negative sign so I don't torture myself all weekend waiting for my cycle to kick into gear.
I have eaten too much chocolate today in hopes it would kick my ovary and the cycle will start luck so far.
The road is laid ahead of me and I simply need to take that first step to start the daydream of "what if..."
I choose to stand still and check my compass first.


Kitty said...

(((Hugs))) I hope you're enjoying this beautiful Saturday, and spending some quality time with your hubby.

the Barreness said...

Thanks Kitty!
I am indeed spending time with hubby.