Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Why do I even bother


I had my latest Ultrasound today. I drank 45 minutes before the exam and only drank 75% of what I was asked to. I have been on this ride before and I have made a fool of myself too many times before. So I am taking hold of my dignity and making the rules now.
The tech was running late (hence my master plan had already paid off) and I was still uncomfortable but able to talk and move without thinking I was going to loose it.
I made my appointment with a lady and doing so had me wait an extra few days...as there is only a female tech for half the week and a male tech the other half.
The tech was kind and spoke softly and used my name over and over, made me feel like I was more then an uterus and bladder. She pointed things out things of interest along the trip and took a fair bit of time looking around. In her previous career she was a midwife that specialized in high risk pregnancy and was kind and kept saying she was sorry. It made the experience softer, more honest.
She said she had to leave that job because it was so heartbreaking.
" It is always the nicest people it happens to"
At one point on the exam, she turned on the sound and I heard a heartbeat....I wondered what it was like to hear a second heartbeat...beating even faster then your own.
She looked at me and said softly and kindly..."that is your heart."
It made me stop, it made me feel that deep deep hole in my heart.
It made me ache.

The results are already in and the call from the nurse was sweet.
My doctor had already lost the notes on me...and had already suggested I see OB/GYN for further "assistance in getting pregnant"
I swear I need a new doc, bedside manner of a dinner plate.
I spent at least a half of an hour telling her exactly what I wanted noted on my chart.
So as to avoid this situation, this exact situation!
I still have a cyst on my left ovary, but its presence needs to be watched as it has been camped out there for several months and its size and contents have a risk of rupture.
My uterus is enlarged and my there are several fibroids noted of various degrees.
My shape might be bicornate, but it is hard to tell because of the locations of the fibroids.

So now I am here again...40 and looking at the risks and benefits of going back on the pill.
I need to close the salad bar, no more midnight snacking kids.

No kids

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