Saturday, July 31, 2010

In the middle of it ALL

The couple from Montreal

I am in the middle of putting the images for my solo show together. I have been having panic attacks and nightmares about this show....fear nightmares mostly.
I am terrified that no one will show, that I will miss a step....I feel totally propelled to make make make....I am reliving my years of infertility while ignoring my most recent need to make a decision about my body again.
Turns out the nurse didn't give me all the information about my results, so I am thankful that I asked for a copy of the results again. Turns out I have cysts on both my ovaries and numerous fibroids, the amount was not even mentioned. I feel full of rocks.
So I am diving head first back into the grief of all this and making the art I have dreamed of making about my infertility. It is shaping up well and varies from literal to symbolic. I think that it speaks to the many faces of my situation. I have chosen to avoid the easy images, distraught woman or "boo boo" faces.
I have been revisiting all my fears, my deep deep sadness and awareness of the long term reality. My husband is feeling it too....we have a piece that we are working on together and it is bringing up many hard and painful realities for him too, I am thankful that he is talking to me about it.
I don't want him to feel alone about any of this.

After a day of printing images and being covered with ink, I made dinner and settled into a movie. I chose Away We Go, I knew it was about pregnancy and babies and family...and although it was hard to watch, I felt I could process it. Until they met the couple from Montreal....I knew something was wasn't until the club, when I knew what was really up and it hit me like a ton of brinks...
I wept openly and deeply and had another panic attack afterwards.
Watching the grief dance and the husband frozen and sad made it all hit home.
Made me feel the sadness of my losses so heavily.

I finished the film and quickly put it into the sleeve, never to watch it again. In a strange way, I don't even want to see Montreal. I am such a perfect movie go-er, personalizing all I see.

Today I am printing some more and starting a new work for another project I am working on, about fading memories.
I am in the middle of it the thick of it, pulling my legs slowly thru the waters of this emotion.
I feel like I am carrying a heavy load, so I move even slower.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Why do I even bother


I had my latest Ultrasound today. I drank 45 minutes before the exam and only drank 75% of what I was asked to. I have been on this ride before and I have made a fool of myself too many times before. So I am taking hold of my dignity and making the rules now.
The tech was running late (hence my master plan had already paid off) and I was still uncomfortable but able to talk and move without thinking I was going to loose it.
I made my appointment with a lady and doing so had me wait an extra few there is only a female tech for half the week and a male tech the other half.
The tech was kind and spoke softly and used my name over and over, made me feel like I was more then an uterus and bladder. She pointed things out things of interest along the trip and took a fair bit of time looking around. In her previous career she was a midwife that specialized in high risk pregnancy and was kind and kept saying she was sorry. It made the experience softer, more honest.
She said she had to leave that job because it was so heartbreaking.
" It is always the nicest people it happens to"
At one point on the exam, she turned on the sound and I heard a heartbeat....I wondered what it was like to hear a second heartbeat...beating even faster then your own.
She looked at me and said softly and kindly..."that is your heart."
It made me stop, it made me feel that deep deep hole in my heart.
It made me ache.

The results are already in and the call from the nurse was sweet.
My doctor had already lost the notes on me...and had already suggested I see OB/GYN for further "assistance in getting pregnant"
I swear I need a new doc, bedside manner of a dinner plate.
I spent at least a half of an hour telling her exactly what I wanted noted on my chart.
So as to avoid this situation, this exact situation!
I still have a cyst on my left ovary, but its presence needs to be watched as it has been camped out there for several months and its size and contents have a risk of rupture.
My uterus is enlarged and my there are several fibroids noted of various degrees.
My shape might be bicornate, but it is hard to tell because of the locations of the fibroids.

So now I am here again...40 and looking at the risks and benefits of going back on the pill.
I need to close the salad bar, no more midnight snacking kids.

No kids

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Repeating my fears

Maybe it is the upcoming ultrasound, maybe it is leftover fear...
regardless my dreams last night were somewhat comforting, but mostly heartbreaking.

I was on the beach participating in a silent protest, were were all wrapped in wool blankets and had buried ourselves in the sand so we looked like freshly dug graves. Dirt piled mounds.
I was peeking out of my blanket to see if others were doing the same...and after a period of time we all began to sit up.
Someone behind me asked if I had my period...I wasn't sure how long I had been laying with everyone but for some time...and I said "no, why?" and then she said "Oh My God!"
I reached behind myself and felt wet, I pulled my hand up and saw blood; a handful of blood and tissue.
I realized I was having another miscarriage and wrapped myself up in my blanket to walk away...
When I got up I was dizzy and it was then that I realized I was still bleeding.
I wandered looking for someone to help me... I remember my brother picking me up and carrying me somewhere as I was blacking out and hearing peoples voices say she has lost so much blood.
At some point I came to a room and my grandmothers were there.
They told me that they would take care of it....
I was in some sort of portal between worlds.
My grandmothers had come to take the lost baby away to live with them.
It was then, that I knew that they were aware of this loss and that they were trying to help me.
Something in the dream told me that there was more then one child they were watching and I began to weep and sway. I passed out in my dream...and awoke.