Tuesday, January 22, 2019


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I did not realize how much laundry a 
diet of sweaty yoga classes every day generated.

I was overwhelmed with pile this last weekend...
and also amazed.

I am currently at day 12 of classes and day 9 of the 30 day challenge

There were two former police officers that were competing against each other
 and set a goal to do all 30 classes in a week!
Yesterday morning, was the final day for them both...
they both finished their 30 classes at noon!
it is strange to me...the whole competition thing, like I've mentioned before....

I feel good
I haven't needed any painkillers yet...
but I must say my stomach muscles were quite angry this last weekend 
and today my legs are a little jelly like.

I know that mom's wash huge loads of clothes all the time.
Or it appears that way, for it is a number one complaint of my SIL
and I guess I am glad I don't have more than two peoples clothes to wash and dry
you can't forget wet clothes in the dryer....sigh

It is a strange adult task 

nothing mind blowing in this post...
just observing weird normal things

1 comment:

Mali said...

I did a core workout this morning, and I expect my stomach muscles to be angry tomorrow.

I'm with you. I don't get the idea of doing a 30 day challenge in one week. To me, that defeats the purpose!

I forget wet clothes in the machine. Find them the next day, or sometimes two days later, and have to rewash!