Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Look at that view

OK so I have to admit, I don't look around much in yoga...I am pretty self focused.
Not in a self-absorbed, or narcissistic sort of way but in a inward reflection kind of thing.
 I am also still trying to not puke up the four almonds
or the half liter of water I drink
 on the drive to class.
I am finding little glimpses of new physical strength
and every once in a while I will see what appears to be a muscle show.
Recently The Barren has been asking if there are any "cute guys" in class.
I find this funny, and sweet. He wants to know if I see any eye candy.
It appears that this studio mostly attracts college ladies.
I am always in a class filled with women in their early 20's, often much younger than me
almost always much more fit than me, but no one has been unkind.
I only know the name of one woman, as I asked her.
As for the other people I see almost daily, I don't know their names.
I smile and wish them a good day as I leave the locker room daily.
We've seen each other naked, or partially clothed...but no names.
strange, but not really.
I don't think any of these people come to class to make friends,
they come to practice and leave for the rest of their days.
Many often just change clothes and then go for a run! I am not that person....
Yesterday a rare event occurred, a second man was in class.
There is one guy that is in all my 6am classes, he wears a headband and a pair of long trunks.
He is college age, has little body fat and spends his practice focused.
The man that was next to me yesterday looked like he had maybe .00000018th % of body fat.
You could see every single muscle clearly defined and
 it was like I was doing yoga next to a living anatomy chart!
I remembered all the charts and images from my anatomy classes, and figure drawing classes.
I saw him as lines and shapes, wondered what it took to be that disciplined?!
I did notice that he had crooked toes, and from this I assumed he does martial arts...or did.
Why else would you have "repaired" broken toes....
I like to figure out stories for people when I see them, like in movies, when you get glimpses of backgrounds of who they are by the filmmaker showing you a fast slide show of images that allows you to understand the character in an instant.
I wasn't leering, I looked over at the beginning of class and
then when he was able to do "bird of paradise"
Which I was not able to, as my hands could not touch while
I was folded in half and bending forward.
Yoga has taught me a lot of humility and admiration!
 What I took away from this eye candy, was that it is OK to admire what others are able to do,
even if you can't do it. I had ZERO jealously about it...I was literally in awe.

As I progressed through the next salutation, Mr. Anatomy was in "child's pose"
he needed to still catch his breath. I found my mind wandering,
wow even with all his fitness he still gets winded.
That is amazing...

As the class ended, I was in deep meditation focusing on my mantra as Mr. Anatomy left,
like a ninja.
I guess that is another talent he possesses.

I am learning so much about myself.

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Amel said...

This post makes me smile so much...this post made me feel like I was at the other end of the class, watching you all (like watching a movie). :-D You sure have a way with words!