Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bang Bang

Thanks everyone for the kind encouragement about my shop owner experience. I mentioned it to my businesswoman's group and it was agreed that I was on the right path, and for the price I am selling my trinket, it is silly to ask for exclusivity.
The shop owner is looking at the other shop and will get back to me.
I am TOTALLY fine with that.
Plus I have two other shops I will visit once the following task is under way to a whirlwind speed!
you ladies are the best
I finally broke through the creative wall and have begun the long and never ending task of submitting artwork for this years exhibition schedule. Thank goodness, on both counts!
It requires creating a lot of new passwords and user names, as most places are now only doing online submissions and then the shipping follows after you know if you are in or not. It reduces the amount of CD's that arrive to a juror and they can instead look at a computer monitor and select a show.

I would say this first collected stack has a 50/50 send in/ do online ratio...
I do see far more online ones coming in though. It is easier if you can constantly think of names and then keep track of it all...

It is a good way to spend a day, the hum of my lightscribe etching my name into a CD and the smell of a highlighter and tea.

I hope to get back to the press VERY soon and get some new work created too....until then.
I am here, with magnified glasses planning my year!

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Azara said...

Good luck with your submissions!

Visiting from ICLW.