Thursday, April 26, 2012

Open Love Letter from The Barren

image by Lewis W Hine

As a total surprise to me, hubby wrote an open love letter to me for my birthday.
It was so unexpected, so deeply moving and honest that it took me to my knees.
I will share it here with you:

" I hope it's not too boastful to say I'm the luckiest man on this wall. Other walls have lucky men and women, i'm quite sure, but if you've landed here to celebrate The Barreness's 42nd orbit around the sun, I'm here to say I win. The amazing thing about The Barreness is that she's got enough awesome to make sure all of us win too! (just not quite as much as me)

She is gentle and kind-hearted with everyone (...
except drivers on cell phones, these she curses and gestures at is kind of scary); she is generous and giving with a casualness that belies the focused consideration she has for those around her; she has an infectious smile that she hides too often; she is honest, and wears her heart on her sleeve even when she knows it might get hurt; and she has a wellspring of creative talent that constantly surprises.

There are more personal aspects of her awesomeness, of course. She's beautiful, and she's got mad sexiness (rawr!). She can calm the crazy in my head with a simple hug. She's the perfect source of stinging criticisms that I know are true (I can't seem to listen to myself for some reason). Her eyes give credence to the saying that they are the windows to the soul.

I feel so lucky to have known her these last 20 years, to have grown up with her, to have tackled the many difficulties in life together that would have been so much harder to face without her. For these reasons, I feel like I've won...I feel like all of us have won (just not as much as me).

Happy Birthday, my love! "

Clearly I have won the jackpot,
found the pot of gold,
went over the rainbow
and eaten the last piece of the award winning pie

My birthday wish is that each of you find this kind of love in life:
in a person,
in a passion,
in a hope.


Mali said...

That made me laugh (the bit about the drivers on cellphones), and then cry (though I'm feeling a bit emotional right now). This is so lovely - your husband has made me wish even more that I knew you IRL.

LaLa said...

Awww... that is so sweet and funny!! <3
You've got a good one there!

Wolfers said...

Definitely keep him! You have a gem there! Don't throw him back to the water! ;)

Nicole said...

This is so sweet and wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with all of us! Very beautiful words. You have a wonderful sounding husband and I think the two of you have a fabulous relationship! It sounds to me like you two are both very lucky people :)

Pamela said...

Happy belated birthday! I love that your DH took the time to write down what he loves about you...a total keeper!

CameronPoe2409 said...

Wow! what an amazing gift, belated birthday wishes to you xx

MoonNStarMommy said...

You are an amazing daughter!! I'm so glad that you were there for your mom even if she said some mean things that she later regretted ... you are an amazing daughter. :) It scares me to think of having to go through that stuff with my mom...


Your NIAW photo is amazing...

And your hubby is AMAZING.... this was very sweet to read - thank you for sharing with us!!!

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