Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post valentines day

Many believed that valentines day is a special overly love filled day created by commercial media groups to rake up additional sales. In many ways that is true...
In light of this, I try to flip it a little and take moments out of the day to think about love in general. How can I give more, believe I should receive more and do more loving things.
All these thoughts do not require purchasing anything.
My hubby is a romantic and the night before he asked me what I wanted for valentines day.
Seeing that he was asking me in the dark while in bed and at 11:30pm
I made up a list that is as follows:
I would like:
truckloads of jewelry
hour after hour of flowers being delivered to me at work
A personally designed sunset
a Unicorn with a rainbow mane
and world peace

Hubby quietly responded " um, I see where you are coming from but a personally designed sunset is gonna be kind of hard"
At hearing this we broke into hysterical laughter and fell asleep

the pre-ultrasound breakfast of bladder expansion

Today as a"treat to myself" I went and got my quarterly ultrasound...well I haven't gone since June, so it was pretty long overdue...and after last months kick in the uterus I was a bit more motivated to "see" what The Barreness had done to the place.
I got a last year student and my normal wonderful tech.
To see this talented and kind tech, I have to check into the hospital before each ultrasound.
The part I dread the most is the "full bladder" part, it still makes me the most can probe me for half an hour or more and I could care less; but the full bladder things fucks with my mind.
Well today I got an extra treat, today they decided to try a "3D" image of my whacky ladybits.
The student kept saying "I know how to put together the baby face, but this one is new" it required taking extra pics of my uterus that they then piece together for a 3D image.
If it works out I should be able to request it in about a week.
That could be cool!

I left feeling that everything was ok, and that this is my normal...I can stay here for a couple days until the results come in and reality strikes again.

So, however you chose to acknowledge Feb 14th, I hope that the day was a little different and you did something nice for yourself.


Mali said...

I hope you get the results you want. And the unicorn!

Fortunately I never celebrate Valentine's Day (it was never a thing here in NZ), so spending the day in a meeting fighting off jetlag didn't matter too much!

Nicole said...

Unicorns and personally designed sunsets sound awesome! Ultrasounds do not. It sounds like it went as well as it could! Thinking of you (i know all too well about yucky medical times).